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Gears of War Walkthrough, Part 4, Act 4: The Long Road Home, Chapter 1

by: Barghest ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A walkthrough for Gears of War that focuses on Chapter 1of Act 4, containing information about ammunition, COG Tag, weapons and some tactical advice.

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    The Long Road Home: Campus Grinder

    Just as you enter the garden, a pretty massive firefight will ensue. After slaying a squad of Drones, you will be confronted by a Theron Guard and two Boomers. Well, in my opinion the Theron Bow is the easiest way to deal with Boomers. After the battle, you can pick up a Sniper Rifle in the center of the garden, as well as some more ammo near the house with the open door and your twenty-fifth COG Tag at the far right corner from where you entered the garden. Move towards the exit from the garden and choose your path.

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    Left Path

    rightpath Proceed through the building, grabbing the Lancer if needed. Go upstairs and kill the Theron Guard that's attacking your teammates. Pick up the ammunition and continue moving. You can use the Sniper Rifle found in the next room or any other weapon to make it easier for your mates down there. After killing the enemies on the ground, jump over the cupboard, proceed around the corner, slay some Wretches and a Drone. Check the whole room carefully - you don't need any Wretches alive when you will be busy a moment later. Let Dom and Cole fight the lesser Locust or help them out, then grab the Hammer of Dawn and use it against the Seeder. An emergence hole will open in the middle of the lower area, so use the Hammer to close it.

    Slay some more Wretches if any come, then proceed further through the building. Use the valve to open the gate. Run through the gate, grab the ammo in the next room. Continue moving, kill some more Wretches. Now you will have to help the ground team once more. There are some Drones on the ground as well as a sniper in the building opposite to your position. Now take the stairs down, pick up some grenades in the small room if needed, get out on the street and fight through more enemies until you reach the house where the sniper was. Enter it, and there are some more grenades in the room to the right. Turn left, then exit the building through the second door and meet up with your team.

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    Right Path

    Take cover and fight off the Drones. After that, a Theron Guard or two will come. Deal with them, pick up grenades near the left wall, and enter the house. If the second Guard didn't come, you will probably meet him there. Slay him, proceed through the house, take cover and fight off the Drones. If your teammate is not able to do it from upper level, you will have to grab the Hammer of Dawn right in front of you and kill the Seeder. After that, use the hammer to close an emergence hole. Pick up all the ammo in this area and proceed through the gate.

    When you exit the building (another ammo box in there), immediately take cover. I suggest the small concrete block to the right - from

    Fight In The Open 

    there you will have enough open space to deal with Wretches. There is also a sniper in the second floor of the building in far left corner that theoretically should be killed by the other team but may become your target if they are not able to do so. When it seems relatively safe, get out and cover your teammates to the left. When area is clear, enter the building. Deal with a Drone and proceed further.

    When you get out in the open air again, there will be two more Drones waiting for you. Kill them, then run through the building (there are some grenades in the room to the left) and go downstairs. Get out and meet your team.

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    Now, shoot the propane tanks to breach the gate and proceed onwards. Chapter complete.