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Gears of War Walkthrough, Part 1, Act 1, Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6

by: Barghest ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The walkthrough continues to guide you through the grim, combat-filled reality of Gears of War, pointing out the locations of the COG Tags, ammo, and suggesting alternative strategies in the fights.

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    Ashes: Fish in a Barrel

    After the cinematic, you'll find yourself in combat immediately. Use the grenades to deal with the enemy behind the Troika gun (stationarry turret). Alternatively you can flank them from the right side, through the tunnel. There is also some ammo near theSixth COG Tag  corpses.After the fight, take the ammo to the right from the turret and continue forward. Another fight awaits you. Through the tunnel to your right is some more ammo.

    Continue moving. When you reach the square, immediately jump into the dried-up fountain, pick up the grenades and take a defensive position. Use Q when an emergence hole appears to detect it's location. Close all four holes and defeat the Drones. If you fail to close the holes, just shoot all the enemies coming out. The sixth COG Tag is located in the far left corner from the point you came here, near a tree. Search the area for ammo and grenades and follow your teammates past the building.

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    Ashes: Fork in The Road

    Here you have the first moment of team split-up. You have to choose either to go left or right.

    Left path

    Move through the ruins.When you reach the ladder, take cover and defeat the drones. Go up. There will be another enemy in the small room. Kill him and continue moving. Kill the Troika gunner through the window to help your teammates. Now go through the restrooms and open the door.

    Right path

    Move through the ruined building. When you reach the turn, take cover. In the far end of the corridor there's a Troika gunner. Move forwards from cover to cover and toss a grenade at him if your teammates haven't shot him yet. Get to the end of the corridor. Use the Troika to defeat Drones that come from behind (or just shoot them). Open the door.

    Here you'll meet up with your team again. Go through the small room in the far corner, pick up ammo, then proceed onwards,using the huge barrel for cover. Reach the door at the right side, enter and go up carefully - there's a Drone upstairs. When on the upper floor, you're in a perfect position to take out the Troika gunner through the window as well as any other remaining enemies.

    Get out and head to the Troika. Grab it and punish the alien invaders for good. When the battle is over, turn around. Another enemy will be coming through the sealed door. Kill him and grab the ammo and grenades around you, then proceed through the door. Kick the door and enter the room.

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    Ashes: Knock Knock

    Seventh COG Tag Continue following your team and kick the door open. Go up to the building and pick up the seventh COG Tag left from the minibus with the Gears symbol on it. Proceed up the stairs and take cover. It will be easier to move through cover to the right side of the building and get in there to shoot the Locust, as the left side is guarded by a Troika position; of course, you can still opt to go straight up Arnie-style, but it may hurt...

    Don't get close to the shotgun wielding Drones (one will come straight from the open door at the right end) and go through the building carefully. When you kill them, my suggestion is to pick up the shotgun as your secondary weapon - it is great for close quarters fighting. There will be another emergence hole in the building, if you lack grenades, just kill all the enemies.

    After the cinematic, grab the Troika and lay down suppressing fire on the enemies. When the battle is over, go down and pick up the ammo left there. Get back into the house and fight te newly arrived enemies. Then grab some more ammo and follow your team.

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    Ashes: Hammer

    Enter the room. Get up the stairs. Shoot the enemies down there to help Cole. Get down and finish the remaining Drones. After theEighth COG Tag  cinematic, grab the ammo and go up the stairs opposite from those you came down from. When the door opens, get in the corridor and prepare for some tough fighting. I preferred the shotgun for this battle. You'll face a new type of enemies here - Wretches, which are basically your classic fast leaping, annoying small creeps that are hard to aim at and deadly in close combat, a popular type of nemesis in the shooter genre. Also, here is the eighth COG Tag, right behind the table near the sealed window.

    When the door is open, pick up the ammo and go through it. Grab the Hammer of Dawn here, it's a weapon near the window. It is used by holding shoot button on the target until fire rains from the sky, or rather, a satellite. It's a very situational weapon that works only on special occasions, don't be shy about dropping it when it's not needed anymore and picking something more useful.

    This time use the Hammer to kill the Seeder - a huge spider-like creature found outside - as well as all the other Ninth COG Tag enemies in the area. Then get over the bridge and run after your teammates to the opposite entrance. There is some ammo near the water if you need it.

    Proceed to the next room. Some grenades here. Go through the door, get on the balcony, fight off the Wretches and use the Hammer on another Seeder. Some ammo can be found here. Proceed through the door at the left side, turn left and go down. Continue moving, grab the grenades and reach the dead Seeder. After the dialog, enter the door to the left and run until you reach a bigger room. Here you'll have to fight some more Wretches and a Drone. Continue moving. When you walk down the ladder and find the body, turn right and pick up the ninth COG Tag. After the dialog, get up the stairs to the left.

Gears of War Walkthrough, Part 1

A walkthrough for Gears of War, a great third person tactical shooter, containing all the locations of COG Tags,a s well as tips for defeating tougher opponents.
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