Act 4 Guide to Collectables and Tags in Gears 3

Act 4 Guide to Collectables and Tags in Gears 3
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Chapter 1 - Ashes to Ashes

Welcome to Char. This one is an interesting area. Do NOT bust up the people. Don’t shoot anything. Let your teammates do all the work. You get an achievement for not touching anything: Respect for the Dead.

As you progress through the area you have to avoid certain traps. It’s not that hard. When Sam tells you to check out one of the buildings, look around across the way and find a COG logo on the top of a building. Near it is another COG tag.

This whole level is eerily quiet. That is, until you find survivors, and mere seconds later, Lambent. There aren’t many, but if you’re avoiding destroying ash statues, it can be hard.

Chapter 2 - Crater

Fuel is in high demand

First thing’s first, before you go anywhere, look around for a wooden door. Bust it open and you can find a Journal. It’s this chapter’s one collectable, so after it you’re home free.

You don’t make much progress before stalks burst up and you have a bunch of Lambent to deal with. You have to make your way through this place, deep in Lambent territory, to reach Griffin’s refinery and get the fuel you need. Lambent, of course, will try to stop you. At this point you should have a pretty good idea of how to blow them up, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

More Lambent burst up when you make it to the facility, so take them down to get in. Obviously with no guards and Lambent this close, something happened to the workers in the facility. Time to find out what.

Inside is blood, imulsion, no power, and lots of elevators. Sounds like you have power to turn on. You’ll soon find out why the shipment of fuel never came back too. Lambent humans, again! Sounds like something to really worry about. Except there’s a Mulcher in a side room if you bust down the door, and that’ll tear right through them.

As you take an elevator up, a Gunker will bust up the center of it, and you get to kill it. Then you’re through.

Chapter 3 - Hang ‘em High

A human side to Griffin?

Once you get to the cable car, which is a short uneventful walk, you’ll find it won’t just freely leave. Instead of going into the building it tells you to, head off to the north-east. You should find a body with a Fuel Order.

When you continue on, you’ll find more Lambent Humans. Take them out and proceed. Push through and you make it to the cable you need to cut loose to free the cable car. Once you get back to the cable car, you find out Dizzy in the tower is being attacked. Time to go rescue another buddy.

On the cable car you have to fend off a couple of Barges. Don’t waste ammo shooting the barge itself, take out the Locust on the platforms. Soon enough you’ll reach the tower.

Push your way up past Locust and Lambent and get up to Dizzy. Look around for a building that’s burning. There should be a couch scattered with weapons. Under it is an Old Magazine to pick up. One more collectable down.

Push your way up and rescue Dizzy, have a nice calm conversation with Griffin, and head out. Time to find a submarine.

Chapter 4 - Batten Down the Hatches

Things start off intense with floating enemies shooting at you. Fight, fight, fight… there’s really not all that much that can be said about fighting the same enemies over and over.

Then you get a nice ominous scene with no enemies and a lot of white webs all over the place. A little further and you find out why. Imulsion centipedes? Great. However, once you clear out the area, you can check behind the crates off to the right of where you entered and find a Tabloid.

This chapter is extremely short, so you’re basically done at this point.

Chapter 5 - Bon Voyage

At this point Marcus is just picking up random papers.

To compensate for the last chapter being short, this one is long. You have two collectables to find and one COG tag to grab. The chapter opens with you finding your submarine. Time to get it fueled up and see if Dizzy can start it. Turns out that it he can’t. You need to get fuel and a new rotor. You’re given the choice of which to search for. Search for the Rotor if you want the first collectable.

Wretches ambush you, of course. You should really expect it at this point. You’ll fight them off and tickers will join the fray, and later on more upright Locust varieties, like boomers. Eventually you’ll reach an elevator to carry you up. Up top are even more Locusts to take out. When you reach the area the Rotor is in, you can find the Bulletin in an out of the way corner. It’s one of the collectables for the level. Clear out the Locust and deliver the Rotor. If you’re in the Loader you’ve gone too far, but you can still backtrack.

You’ll have to blast your way through some more Locust with the Loader, along with some reavers. Try not to get your loader destroyed, otherwise you’ll have a hard time keeping that Rotor where you need it.

Once you kill a few more Locust you’ll have to head outside and find the docks. Before you go, there’s a shipping container with a COG logo on it. Behind it is a COG tag. Only a few more to go!

Next you get to pilot a Silverback and blow up a selection of Locust, from reavers to royal guards on mounts to turret-users. The fuel you need is on the ship they’re defending. Take out the Locust and you’ll be able to send the fuel back. Through, of course, even more Locust defenses. Defend your fuel with a selection of weapons from the Silverback, the turrets, and a Hammer of Dawn lying around.

Now you need to escort the sub out to the docks. In the second storage door you pass through, head up to the second floor. Upstairs, if you look just inside the door on the floor, you can spot the last collectable of the Act, the Contractor Report.

The boss of the area is the Armored Kantus, the three dudes you saw earlier being ordered to stop you by the Queen. The second wave includes Serapedes, and everything just soaks up your ammo without being damaged much. Use explosives when you can. For the Serapedes, shoot their tail segments and blow them up piece by piece. Defeat all of the Kantus and the act is over. One more to go!

Chapter 6 - Watery Grave

The chapter opens with a scene of the sub, working and carefully traveling underwater. Of course things can’t be too easy, and you start out in a set piece – submarine turrets. They’re fairly high-power Flechette guns, and you get a test fire on some debris before the inevitable attack. Some Seran wildlife shows up to act like dolphins for a moment, before they start to dive and attack. Take them out with your cannon.

After a close call, it’s time to fend off the Leviathan by shooting it in the face and then shooting mines before they hit you. Fend it off and you’ll get swept up in the maelstrom. Keep fending off mines, and try to keep from imploding underwater. As if that wasn’t enough, then you have to fend off torpedos. Blast the turrets when you can see them. Once that’s over, you’ll get a warm welcome to Azura.


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