Act 3 Walkthrough - Gears of War 3

Act 3 Walkthrough - Gears of War 3
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Chapter 1 - Unbreakable

Things in Act 3 start off with a blast as a column of Locust swarms to attack the fort at Anvil Gate. You need to fend them off so you have time to analyze and decrypt the data disk and find Marcus’s Father.

The first collectible can be found if you follow the walkway while you’re defending the gate. There’s a small room with Sam’s Father’s Medal inside. Collect it and you’re free to defend the gate as you see fit.

The gate is being swarmed by all manner of Locust. Hopping on a turret would be useful against the Reapers, but you may want to grab a Longshot to take out some of the more ground-based enemies. After a while, they bring in a Siege Beast for you to shoot down, but you won’t be able to get it in time.

Fall back to the second gate and do what you can to defend it. Using a Oneshot can help, as some powerful enemies come for you and the Longshot might not be quite enough. Be wary if you’re on the catwalk – grapplers will jump up and surprise you if you don’t see them coming.

Soon a bunch of Locust with shields will start to advance, so make sure you have some explosives to deal with them. Still, try as you might, they’ll burst through and you’ll have to fall back and defend the inner courtyard. Their numbers are thinning, but you’re running out of gates. Can you hold out? When about 20 boomers start to pile in, you can quickly be overwhelmed. It starts to get absurd with all the same voice clips spamming “BOOM” over and over.

Time for the Last Resort! Surprisingly enough, it works. Right when the cutscene ends, turn around. A plate on the wall will be your second collectable of the map. Then go up the staircase to the right. There’ll be a painting that you can grab for the last collectible.

Chapter 2 - Rescue

Sam’s father was a badass

First thing you get to do is choose to either ride in the truck to rescue Anya or provide cover fire from the walls. Either way it’s the same basic thing. Kill Locust and rescue your buddies. If you ride out in the truck, don’t expect it to last. Whoever drives it for you is, to put it mildly, really bad.

Fight your way back to the fort and you’ll see Lambent joining in the fight. Much like the Flood from Halo, they’ll fight both you and the Locust. You need to fight through both the Locust and the Lambent if you want to make it back to the Fort alive.

At this point, the boss comes out. Possibly the most dangerous and fearsome monster to grace the game so far - A Lambent Berserker!

You don’t even get to fight it without distraction. While the fight is going on, there’s a COG tag near the gate on the floor. On top of that, in the shack in the middle near the ammo is a Journal to pick up.

As your teammates will shout at you repeatedly, aim for the heart when its ribs open. It’s dangerous and deadly, so just keep shooting it whenever you get the chance. The more damage you do to it, the more attacks it gets, so always watch out. It’ll start leaving trails of Imulsion as it runs, and spew clouds of the stuff nearby. Then, when it finally dies, it explodes!

Chapter 3 - Breakneck Run

Lambent infect everything

So your next step is to get fuel for a sub so you can dive under the artificial hurricane guarding Azura. Sounds simple enough, right? Time to head to Mercy. This chapter doesn’t have any collectables.

As the name of the chapter implies, you’re running at a breakneck pace away from an aerial assault. You get to man a turret and shoot down the Reavers as they attack you. It’s a quick chapter and is pretty fun.

For the second section you get another Mother Corpser and her babies, but this time you can just run over the babies. Just be careful with them as they can jump onto the front of your truck and make it hard to see.

The third section has you stuck in sand while even more Locust swarm you. Take them down and you’re golden. The final section is just a Brumak fight. It’s not a long battle and you should have the basis down by now.

Chapter 4 - Ghost Town

This is one sickness that won’t be cured

There are three collectables to watch out for in this level, so keep your eyes open. Another thing to look for is the motion-sensing explosives on the pipeline. Disarm them before they blow so you can keep looking for the controls to turn on the pump.

Once you meet the crazy guy laying charges, it’s time to track down your collectables. The first one is in the back room of a Deli stand. It’s a COG tag. Also once you meet the crazy guy, head down some stairs and find the Panicked Note. Something definitely went down in this town and it’s not healthy for anyone to be there.

Time to dive into the sewers. Also it’s time to turn the dial full-on to “Ravenholm.” A crazy guy in a zombie town? Sure, they’re Lambent, not Zombies, but same difference. They just happen to explode. Plow your way through them.

When you reach some ladders, climb up them. To the left, in a separate room, is your last collectable. It’s simply called the Message. The Gears sure are having a fun time collecting scraps of paper aren’t they?

On the bright side, you get to play with a Vulcan cannon you can move with. Have fun!

Chapter 5 - Brothers to the End

shelter is not optional

Foreboding chapter title, isn’t it? You get a few seconds of expository cutscene, but then more zombies attack and it’s time to fight. Feel free to conserve ammo by meleeing these guys to death, they explode very handily.

Once you leave the church, you’ll be in a courtyard with a dried up stalk. Look around and you can find an Air Raid Shelter sign. It’s your one collectable.

Fight your way past more zombies and you’ll eventually make it outside, where you’ll have to fight some of those angry Locust you left behind on the way here. Remember them? They remember you. Blow them all up so that you can get out of here. Of course, before you can, more of the Lambent will jump in to attack. Pinned between them, your only option is to fend them off from both sides.

After the dramatic exit scene, it’s on to Act 4.


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