How to Make your own MMO! Part Two!

How to Make your own MMO! Part Two!
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So, do you like World of Warcraft? Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s nothing much, just one of the most famous Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games known, with a subscriber base of more than thirteen million.

Maybe you’re just one of those people with the spare time, knowledge, and dedication to build something as large and immense as a Massively Multiplayer Game. Of course, you need to know “What” is an MMO is, and what you’ll need to do, or invest, to get it going. Before you continue, you may want to make sure you have read part one to this series.

Also, it’s never too soon to read up on the competition’s systems, such as Economics

Now that we’ve read part one, we can prepare for part two! Building a team.

Teamwork is important to a project, and just like the ones at the office, the one to build an MMO requires balanced team members, who are just as dedicated to success as you are. Being a fifth wheel will not make an MMO, remember this when building your team.

Now, before you start running around for people, you need to know WHAT to look for!

The Fundamentals to a Team

A team can’t be your favorite buddies from the local bar, nor can it be some random people you just picked out of a hat on the internet. It needs to a balanced team that is Skilled, Reliable, and Trustworthy.

Skilled, your team cannot be of people who are unskilled and unknowledged in the field of MMO making, they need to have abilities useful to the team, but they meanwhile cannot be all of the same skill, and so skilled they will not cooperate or work out.

A Skill Pyramid for reference

Reliable, you can have the most intelligent and skillful person ever, who will follow you to the ends of the earth. But if they can’t give you what you need on time, they are a fifth wheel. A Team needs to have members who are willing to make that extra mile happen, and meet at the least, all of their necessary deadlines and requirements that are in fair amount. Do not however confuse this with someone trying their best, but is either having outside issues or influences, or you are in reality just giving them too much they can handle. Laziness best defines a no-no here.

Trustworthy, You need to both trust, and connect with your team. Having strangers gives them more potential to be less efficient, and also make them less likely to keep important information behind safe doors or mouths. The team needs to trust you, and you need to show your own trust, otherwise you will unable to get the most that you can get, and meanwhile unable to have faith that they will keep your team special secrets or abilities in safe hands. An abusive bug or even special plan leaked out can ruin any good project.

Moreover, make sure you look for the qualities a team needs.

  • A Strong Team leader (Set goals, set Deadlines, Set it all up)
  • A Strong Coding base (Someone to build the foundation)
  • A strong Graphics base (Someone to design and make beauty)
  • A strong PR/Community base (Someone to spread the word and give good impressions)
  • A Strong artistic base (Give life to the game)

Once you have all of this, you can decide how, and where to acquire these people

How to prepare a Team

Solo-ing a MMORPG is possible, but very difficult, and will take a very long time. Why have all the hard work built up upon yourself when in reality, there are thousands of people capable of assisting you build this project, who want the credit as you do for something successful!

The Computer Industry is one of the fatest growing markets, and one of the fatest growing programs at Colleges and universities! Ever Year, thousands upon thousands of people receive degrees in animation, graphics design, computer programming, and other fields that prepare them to take on what is coming in the real world of Internet.

So, How will you get these people who can help?

First off, post! There are hundreds of user Forums, blogs, social networks, and other communication pages that allow you to

Today many schools over MMO-Friendly courses

broadcast what you’re doing, and interest those who are there to get interested!

Second, search for their homegrounds! For example, if you need a designer, go to where a Designer is best found (A graphics forum, usually open ended and promoting user content)

Third, watch your territory! DO NOT (I repeat, do Not) solicit those who are already paid workers for a team, company, group etc. otherwise you will just start trouble. Seek unpaid, or freelance workers in a field. Give them your

Now that you have your fundamentals laid out, you can devise how to acquire your team. Both from where, and what you actually need.

The Team: Who, What, and Where.

As stated earlier in this article, the team is not just ANY people. It’s the best people you can find. Who, and What these people are depends on you alone to decide. Let’s go over the Who What and Where specifically.

Who: As stated in the Fundamentals section in page one, you need to have the three qualities necessary to an excellent team. Reliability and Trustworthyness depend on the person in general, but Skill can have a wide range. Be sure that the skills are not necessary the best, but do at least the work you will give forth that person, and that they will have no problems meeting challenges and deadlines for what you want in the game.

What: Several skills are absolutely important to build a game. No matter it be customly designed content, premade and purchased, or juts mixtures of freely acquired and purchased mixes, so long as your necessities below are met, you can have your game properly built.

  • A Foundation (usually some sort of Engine or Developing system
  • A Way to update and change the foundation as needed (Usually through coding)
  • A Way to detail and create graphics that are displayed by the foundation (Graphics design)
  • Content through Development, user resources, art, stories, etc. (Content Makers,)
  • Public Relations and communication with the User Base

With these. you can build you game.

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Where: MMORPG.COM has a forum that offers posting projects. If you want to do this as a hobby, serach online through forums and user sites on coding and developments that you want a few people to work with. Contact your friends and see if they know people or if they have useable skills.

As for a project gained on making money. You better intend to invest some capital, and get the word out to publishers who can sponsor (oreven better) publish you. But you still need to start with a crew.

So, you need to remember the important keys to a team laid out, including Responsibilties being assigned, a leader set in charge and everyone with an even workload to get something rolling.Rember those underskilled can be helped (in the example of content writing), and be sure to check population stats with your possible competition With these in mind, be sure to read part Three (When it releases): Resources!

This post is part of the series: Build Your own MMO! The Series!

Ever thought of it? Having your very own world, that you built (By yourself, or as a team) with your own time, resources, and elbow grease, but you just don’t know where to start? Have no fear! When you finish reading this series, you will know where to get started!

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