Addicted to Points: Confessions of an Achievement Point Junkie

Addicted to Points: Confessions of an Achievement Point Junkie
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Where Do We Begin?

One of the best features on the XBOX 360 is the achievement points. By accomplishing various feats in games, you gain points which serve for not much more than bragging rights. To most casual gamers, the points are of little consequence, but for some hardcore gamers, achievement points represent a marker of their gaming ability.

Microsoft is well aware of this and its dashboard seemingly mocks you with the number of achievement points you should have based on the games you’ve played and the addiction only becomes worse when you see this.

The quest for achievements have launched countless sites dedicated to the sole purpose of adding up the points whether through skill and dedication or cheat, glitches and shortcuts.

I am not ashamed anymore of some of the great lengths I have gone to in order to collect as many points as possible. These are just some of my stories.

No Time to Waste/ No Life to Have

This Will Take Awhile

Sports titles, especially early sports titles are renown for their relative ease in racking up the points. This was not the case in Madden NFL 2006. By and large, the achievements were easy, i.e. scoring a touchdown or successfully complete (not win) an offline game. However, the final achievement entailed playing 30 years in the franchise mode.

I spent a whole Friday evening, simulating through three decades of an NFL franchise. This took several hours, and couldn’t have been more boring. I had a DVD in my PS3 and kept switching inputs. I began a season, watched 10 min or so of the DVD, switched back to simulate the off season and then back to the DVD again (several times.)

For those of the faint of heart, or those who actually have something meaningful to do with their lives, this may be a stretch. It entails not only simulating preseason, regular season and post season games, but also free agency, scouting and the draft.

Only a true achievement junkie will admit to doing this, but for 400 points, it was well worth it to me. This achievement would rear its ugly, time-consuming head again in Madden NFL 2007.

It Wasn’t Even Fair – 2K6 = 1000K

2K6 Games Offer a Plethora of Points

As I said on the previous page, many of the first series of sporting titles for the 360 were remarkably easy to get all 1,000 points and this was never as obvious as College Hoops 2K6. By tweaking a few options, you can gain all achievements in one game.

For some odd reason, nearly all of the 2K6 sports games allowed you to alter the physical abilities and attributes of any player. So this is what you do: take a good team, for example Duke or North Carolina and increase their abilities and their height (the maximum is 7'6”.) Then, find a terrible team, a la Cal Poly Tech and do the opposite and you have yourself a ridiculously favorable match-up.

After resisting hysterical laughter upon first seeing five seven-a-half feet men play what looks to be small children who are too short to ride space mountain, you will easily amass the achievements, including 15 three- pointers, amass 20 steals and 45 rebounds.

Avatar The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth – 3 Minutes (or less) of glory

Too Easy

Not to be confused with James Cameron’s Avatar, this game has long be known as the easiest 1,000 you can possibly get from any game. A buddy of mine and I went perusing a half dozen of Gamestops before we finally found the game. For whatever reason, its not a terribly common game (thought its not exceptionally rare.)

All you do is start up the game, and repeatedly hit the ‘B’ button to get combo hits in a row. There are a total of five achievements for getting combos of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively. Its a long-range attack making the achievements even easier. The game was released in 2007, making it a relatively old game. This may be (similar to the early sports titles) why its so easy to get all 1,000 points. It makes one curious as to what other games from 2005-2007 which have laughable achievements.

Another theory is the ease is the result of it being a kids game, which make sense as its based on the Nickelodeon TV show. However, there have been many subsequent games geared towards kids where the achievements are somewhat to extremely difficult. Examples that come to mind include Kung Fu Panda and the various Lego titles.