Capcom's Dark Void Achievements: Shoot for Points on the XBOX 360

Capcom's Dark Void Achievements: Shoot for Points on the XBOX 360
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On the Campaign Trail in Dark Void for the XBOX 360

The following achievements will be gained through Dark Void’s campaign, completing various episodes and chapters.

Prologue - 15pts - complete prologue, very easy points as this portion of the game is quite short.

Crash Site - 15pts - complete the crash site, normal combat starts here, another relatively easy 15.

The Village - 15pts - all you do here is literally follow a villager for a couple of minutes, no combat no difficult jumps, nothing.

Spare Parts - 15pts - in this chapter you collect various parts from plane wreckages on the island, first major use of jet packs.

Village Attack - 15pts - another chapter completion nets you a respectable 15 points.

Into the Void - 30pts - as this chapter is the end of the episode, its worth twice the points. Boo-yah.

Prophesied One - 15pts - basically you have to escort and defend survivors, its only frustrating due to the AI’s stupidity and recklessness.

The Survivors - 15pts - surivive an arial fight, rescue some survivors, and boom, 15 more points.

Prison Escape - 15pts - this one was a bit frustrating and time consuming, destroy three generators and, as the name implies, rescuee the prisioners.

Breaking Camp - 30pts - a bunch of aerial action, somewhat difficult, good for another 30.

Defending the Ark - 15pts - babysit and protect the ark from a variety of aerial baddies, can be a bit irritating.

The Collector -15pts - shoot your way out of the giant organism by blasting its bile ducts and such, remarkably easy given how late in the game it is.

The Revolt - 15pts - after breaking out of prison yourself, help the ark escape the stronghold. Be ready to pick up your foe’s weapons, ammo is scarce here.

Tower of Return - 30pts - you basically just have to beat the final boss, a weird dragon thing. Shoot its midsection in various positions until a button sequence appears, you’ll have to do it twice.

Dark Void - 100pts - beat the game, this will be accomplished after previous achievement. Congratulations.

Ultimate Bad Ass- 60pts - complete game on hardcore difficulty. Any reason why its worth less than beating the game on a lesser difficulty?

Improving Weaponry/Scavenger Hunt

Too Many Targets, Too Little Time

There a few weapons upgrade achievements in Dark Void. Upgrades are typical in this action/adventure titles and Capcom’s following suit here. The upgrades are made through tech points, which are a currency obtained by killing watchers.

Pack Rat - 30pts - acquire 30,000 tech points, extra hint here, do this before upgrading weaponry unless you absolutely need to do otherwise.

Tesla’s Apprentice - 15pts - upgrade first weapon, this is pretty self-explanatory, you’ll have the option to do so when you find a weapon box or the beginning of any new level.

Grease Monkey - 30pts - upgrade all weapons. This is simple enough, just takes time to acquire all weapons and enough tech points.

Dear Diary - 15pts - find a journal, throughout the game you find journals randomly placed. They provide insight into the plot/subplots of the game and some can be very difficult to find. You can access the journals in the pause menu and see how many you’ve already found and how many more are still missing.

Bookworm - 30pts - find all journals, most are not hidden cleverly or anything like that, its just there’s so much ground to cover that you’ll unknowingly pass a journal or two. After you beat the campaign, your radar will be upgraded to show all collectibles.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, its Dark Void for the XBOX 360

Death From Above

Many achievements are gained primarily when in aerial combat, most of these you will naturally get as you complete the game.

Terminal Velocity - 15pts - freefall for at least 10 seconds, the good part here is, the game provides ample places to pull this one off.

Forgot My Tow Cable - 15pts - fly through an Archon’s legs. This is fairly easy, in fact, you might do it incidentally if you’re charging one.

Death From Above - 15pts - kill 50 enemies while hovering. This will take some time, but the game gives you plenty of opportunity for hover kills.

Bird of Prey - 15pts - kill 25 footsoldiers with the rocket pack guns. Basically the same explanation as the previous achievement, though speed is more of a factor here.

Demolition Derby - 30pts - collide with another UFO 10 times. This one’s not too bad, it doesn’t have to be a head-on collision. The number of collisions carry over if you die and you can hit a UFO multiple times.

Captain of the Ship - 15pts - destroy 10 enemy aircraft while yours is on fire. Hijack a UFO and do your damage, the “Breaking Camp” chapter is a decent place to start.

Grand Theft UFO - 15pts - hijack 20 UFOs. You do this by pressing ‘B’ near a UFO and then follow the onscreen button prompts, repeat (19 more times.) “Breaking Camp” is still a good place to do this.

Get Your Feet Wet - 15pts - buzz the water. I got this during the first Archon appearance. Just skim the surface of the water after a boost.

Mark of the Adept -15pts - destroy 5 UFOs during the prologue. It’s unlikely you’ll get this the first time as you’re just getting used to the controls, but its an easy 15 points to go back and grab real quick.

I**’m a Rocketman, Baby** - 15pts - perform 100 special maneuvers. Through normal gameplay you’ll like get this, if not, go back after beating the game. Just mess around with the thumbsticks, u-turns are easy to do (point both thumbsticks down.)

The Devastator - 30pts - kill 25 UFOs while piloting a survival fighter. Commandeer an ally craft and get to work.

Death Pays Off in Dark Void with XBOX 360 Achivements

Super Charge

Many achievements can be gained by taking advantage of Dark Void’s action-packed battles and killing a certain number of enemies in a certain way, talk about incentive to kill. Specific kills achievements is similarly obtained in Army of Two.

Blue Light Special - 15pts - kill three enemies with one grenade, not too difficult, I actually got this one on accident trying to survive an ambush.

Rocket Clothesline - 15pts - melee an enemy immediately after landing. Be sure to start your descent with full life as you’ll likely have to absorb some intense firing unless you’re able to get a jump from above.

Killing Spree - 20pts - kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds, I got this one very early on in the game after your first encounter with a turret, after you kill the watcher using it, wield it yourself as more watchers break through a door across a bridge.

Big Bang - 30pts - destroy a knight with a grenade, this is all about timing. Fortunately, you’ll know when the knights close to being destroyed.

Float Like a Butterfly - 20pts - escape from 10 melee attacks, when in close combat watchers may grab you prompting a button sequence on screen, complete the sequence and you should escape.

Those Aren’t Fortune Cookies - 15pts - step on 10 slugs, there aren’t too many levels which feature the slugs, at least not until the second episode. Stepping on slugs is the same as executing a melee attack on a normal bipedal enemy.

Cleanup on Aisle Three - 15pts - kill 100 enemies with headshots. Unless you’re obscenely accurate, this may take some replay to accomplish. Use the watcher’s sniper for optimum accuracy.

The Squishy Center - 20pts - kill a sarpa piloting an Archon. Once you disable the four legs, do the ‘B’ button prompt, but enter at front. This way, you run up the back to the cockpit and follow another button sequence to kill the sarpa. The last chapter of the first episode is a good place to do this.

Cliffhanger Killer - 15pts - kill 50 enemies while in vertical cover, you will definitely get this by the time you finish the campaign. Certain ledges let you press ‘X’ to get into vertical cover to shoot at watchers below or above you.

99 Red Balloons - 15pts - kill 10 enemies while they’re in an anti-gravity bubble. There’s a weapon that shoots these bubbles, equip it an another weapon, make em' go up, switch guns and take em' down.

Blind Luck - 15pts - kill each type of foot soldier using blind shooting, there aren’t many varieties of foot soldiers so you should get this while completing the game.

Light Up the Sky - 30pts - destroy 25 targets with the Ark’s AA guns, you can get a bunch of these during the chapter, “Defending the Ark.”

Fireworks - 15pts - kill 10 airborne enemies with grenades, this is much tougher than “Big Bang.” Again, all about the timing.

Rochambeau, I Go First - 15pts - kill 50 enemies with melee attacks. Pretty self-explanatory.

Master of Arms - 15pts - kill an enemy with every rifle weapon. There aren’t all that many different weapons to choose from, this may be done through the natural course of completing the campaign.