FFXIV Main Scenario Quest Walkthrough: Never the Twain Shall Meet Quest

Never the Twain Shall Meet Quest Part 1: Battles at Sea

Talk to Baderon to get the next FFXIV main scenario quest started.

Captain Hob, located near the Fishermans' Guild.

Head down to the Fishermans' Guild, going toward the stairs to the right of it. This will drop you into an instance. Captain Hob is visible dead ahead; go talk to him and start a cutscene.

This is the door that you want; it's a bit hard to see.

Head down into the hold of the ship and. If you talk to Hob, you will be given the option to go back to Limsa Lominsa; don't do it. Instead head further in to the hold and locate another set of doors.

Approaching the doors will bring up a dialog, asking if you want to leave the area. Say yes and start the next cutscene. Head back out of the hold and say yes to the duty calls dialog.

A cutscene begins and you enter an instance. Emerick and Merodaulyn are fighting on deck; choose which of them to join with and help defeat the other. I personally chose to kill Emerick, since in the previous quests he'd been a real murderous jerk. Unfortunately, this does not actually cause Emerick's death.

This cut scene blew my mind. I do not say that lightly.
Another screen shot from the amazing cutscene.

Another cutscene begins once the fighting is done; hold on to your hat and fetch the popcorn. This one is long, intense, and awesome.

Never the Twain Shall Meet Quest Part 2: Enjoy the Fresh Air and Exercise

Go back to talk to Baderon at the Adventurers' Guild.

The gods forsaken rock where all the action happens.

Head out into lower Limsa Lominsa, to 41,27 on the map. This is the outcrap where you met Sisipu in the previous quest. Head toward the bottom of the little spit to start a cutscene.

Talk to Baderon via the NPC linkpearl; he sends you to the Musketeers' Guild. Teleport back to Limsa Lominsa and head there. Just run in the front doors to get a cutscene going.

Y'shtola shows off her amazing combat skills.

Talk to Isaudorel at the little front desk to get the next cutscene started.

Sadly, it's time to run back the far reaches of lower La Noscea, where you just saw SiSipu. As you approach a cutscene will start.

The cutscene ends and an instance begins. Talk to Y'shtola, then walk forward until a new cutscene begins.

Never the Twain Shall Meet: Home of the awesome cutscene.

Be careful to not leave the instance. This cutscene is also wonderful to watch, though not quite as long and intense as the first one.

You wake up to Baderon's cheerful smile; after a short cutscene he gives you your reward and the quest is done.

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