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FFXIV Main Scenario Quest Walkthrough: Souls Gone Wild

by: Rachael ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Souls Gone Wild is the FFXIV main scenario quest available at class level 1 for all adventurers in Gridania. In this walkthrough, find out where to go and who to talk to for this quest. This is a walkthrough, not a story summary.

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    Souls Gone Wild Quest Part 1: Getting Started With Mother Miounne

    To start the Souls Gone Wild Quest, talk to Miounne. This can be done immediately upon entering Gridania. Miounne sends you to attune to the aetheryte at Camp Bentbranch and gives you an NPC linkpearl.

    She then gives you a levequest. Whether you do this or not is up to you. You can immediately teleport back to Gridania and return to the adventurers' guild to talk to her.

    Talk to Miounne twice. The first time, she gives a short tutorial. The second time, she sends you to the Leatherworkers' Guild and the Conjurers' Guild. These can be visited in whichever order the player prefers.

    Hereward at the Leatherworkers' Guild. In the Leatherworkers' Guild, talk to Hereward at the front desk; a cut scene begins immediately. That's all there is to do at the Guild.

    The bridge in the Conjurers' Guild In the Conjurers' Guild, talk to Soileine at the front desk first. She directs you to the back. Walk onto the little bridge to the back room and a cut scene begins.

    An instance begins after the cut scene. Talk to Swethyna to begin the next cut scene. In that cut scene, O-App-Pesi directs you to the Botanists' Guild next.

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    Souls Gone Wild Quest Part 2: Dancing with Children

    Before going to the Botanists' Guild, talk to Miounne via the NPC linkpearl. Then enter the guild building and talk to Opyltyl behind the desk. This starts a cutscene.

    The emote tutorial; not overly annoying. The cutscene ends in an instance, which constitutes the tutorial on emotes. Talk to one of the children to learn which emote to do next, then perform it by either selecting it from the list or using the text command /(emote). Make certain that you have the child that you talked to targeted when doing the emote or it won't count. After each emote, talk to a different child. After doing an emote for each of the children, a cut scene will start.

    Where to meet the children. At the end of the cutscene, you are in an incredibly tiny instance. Talk to Fufucha, then walk toward the children and another cutscene begins.

    Meet the children south of the White Wolf Gate. When you reach the meeting spot, a menu pops up, asking if you wish to proceed. Say yes to start a cutscene. The escort portion of this FFXIV main scenario quest starts next.

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    Souls Gone Wild Quest Part 3: An Escort Quest

    The instance is lagging... This portion of the quest has some definite quirks; beginning it puts you into an instance, which moves. Leaving the instance will cause the quest to fail and have to be restarted. Sometimes the movement of the instance lags, however. So keep an eye on the mini map, and if you reach the edge of the instanced area, just stay there until it moves forward.

    The children may run ahead; don't worry about that. They won't get more than a set distance away and will run back once they've hit that distance. During the quest, mobs called ankle biters will appear. They have only 3 HP and can thus be killed even by Disciples of the Land or Hand. It just takes hitting them twice with a rock. However, since they can dodge and evade, it's possible for them to do significant damage. Don't be afraid to stop and sit to heal up.

    The rock where all the action is. At the end of the escort path there is a cutscene. It ends in another, thankfully non-moving, instance. Head toward the large rock formation at the center of the clearing to start the next cutscene. Turn around and head back toward the clearing entrance; a new cutscene will start before you leave the instance.

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    Souls Gone Wild Quest Part 4: Tying Up the Loose Ends

    Go back to the Botanists' Guild. Run up toward the stairs to start a cutscene.

    Willelda at the Lancers' Guild Talk to Miounne via the NPC linkpearl. She sends you over to the Wailing Barracks, which is the Lancers' Guild. There, talk to Willelda behind the front desk to start the next cutscene. She directs you to the back room, where talking to Burchard starts the next cutscene. Talk to Burchard again to start the next cutscene. Head into the back room again; this time talk to Nuala instead of Burchard for the next cutscene.

    Talk to Miounne via the NPC linkpearl. Meet up with her in person back at the Adventurers' Guild to receive your reward and finish the Souls Gone Wild quest.

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