Treasures of the Main Quest: Get to Know Limsa Lominsa

Treasures of the Main Quest: Get to Know Limsa Lominsa
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This is an FFXIV main scenario quest walkthrough for Treasures of the Main, the first real story quest available in Limsa Lominsa. This quest may be started (and completed) immediately by a new character. This is not a summary of the plot that’s explored within the quest, but rather a reference for where to go and who to talk to, since that can sometimes be confusing during a multipart main scenario quest.

For more basic reference, such as what an “instanced” portion of the quest is, please see BrightHub’s general article about main scenario quests: The Story Continues: Main Scenario Quests in Eorzea

Treasures of the Main Quest Part 1: Baderon and the Drowning Wench

Immediately after the introductory cut scene for FFXIV, the adventurer starts on the docks of Limsa Lominsa, in an instance. Talk to the nearby NPC, Hob. Hob technically ends “Shapeless Melody” and takes you in to the Mizzenmast Inn where the Treasures of the Main quest can be started. The adventurer’s guild - also called the Drowning Wench - is part of the Inn.

Cutscene: Meeting Baderon. He is the contact point for all of the other main scenario quests until level 20.

Upon entering the Inn, the character is placed in an instance.

Talk to Baderon. He indicates on the map where Camp Bearded Rock (the first quest area) and hands over an NPC linkpearl.

The NPC linkpearl is glowing. Upon use, Baderon just repeats his orders to go to Camp Bearded Rock and get attuned - this means interacting with the Aetheryte crystal there.

To get out of the city, go downstairs in the inn (take the elevator or the stairs, it doesn’t matter) and exit east. Follow that path all the way out of Limsa Lominsa. From there just follow the path (easiest seen on the mini map) a short distance NNE to the camp.

The aetheryte crystal at Camp Bearded Rock

Stand near the big crystal at the center of the camp and select “Aetheryte” from the menu to get the message “you have arrived in Camp Bearded Rock.” Baderon immediately starts talking via the NPC linkpearl.

Baderon gives you a levequest; beginning and completing it is completely optional. The adventurer can also just teleport directly back to Limsa Lominsa.

Go to the Drowning Wench to talk to Baderon in person.

Treasures of the Main Quest Part 2: Bread and Muskets

Bread and Muskets

Baderon’s next task is to go to the Culinarian’s Guild and the Musketeer’s Guild. These locations can be visited in any order.

Musketeer’s Guild:

Isaudorel, desk warden.

Talk to Isaudorel, at the desk immediately on the left upon entering the guild.

Go downstairs to the firing range. The stairs are to the right of the entrance door. Cut scene starts at the bottom of the stairs.

Once the cut scene is done, go back upstairs and speak with Isaudorel again to start another cut scene.

“You have entered an instance” - attempt to leave the instance through the front door and another cut scene begins.

Done at the Musketeer’s Guild.

Culinarian’s Guild:

Talk to Charlys

Talk to Charlys, inside at the main desk, to start a cut scene.

Done at the Culinarian’s Guild.

Once both tasks are done, obtain 2000 guild. The NPC linkpearl lights up; talk to Baderon.

Next stop: the Fisherman’s Guild!

Treasures of the Main Quest Part 3: Something Fishy Going On

N’nmulika at the Fishermen’s Guild

Talk to N’nmulika. She is at the main desk of the guild, farthest from the door.

Cut scene.

Enter instance. The next part of the quest is basically a tutorial on emotes. Talk to Sisipu and follow her instructions. You can do this by selecting an emote from the list, or by typing / followed by the word she says that’s italicized. (The only command this doesn’t work for is when she asks for congratulations - use “/congratulate” instead.) Either way make sure you have Sisipu targeted before emoting; if it’s not directed at her, she won’t count it.

After each emote, talk to Sisipu again.

Exit the instance. Sisipu disappears; she’s waiting at the Zephyr Gate to start the next portion of the FFXIV main scenario quest Treasures of the Main.

Treasures of the Main Quest Part 4: A Pleasant Walk With Sisipu

This is the most challenging portion of the FFXIV main scenario quest Treasures of the Main - and the only portion that involves actual combat.

Sisipu is waiting at the Zephyr Gate. This is the exit from Limsa Lominsa you used earlier to get to Camp Bearded Rock.

Duty calls… are you ready?

At the natural archway that marks the gate, a window will pop up, asking if you wish to proceed with the quest. A cut scene plays, then the quest starts. This will effectively start an escort quest where a moving instance surrounds the adventurer and Sisipu. Stay near her, and kill any Ankle Biters (giant mosquitos) that venture near. There will be four total.

The Ankle Biters only have 3 points of health, which means they can be killed by Disciples of the Land and Disciples of the Hand who are only armed with rocks. However, they can still evade and an attack can miss, so they can do some significant damage. For the non-combat classes, it’s a good idea to sit down and recover health after each combat if damage has been taken.

Sisipu runs very quickly, but if she outruns the adventurer (and she will, constantly) she will either stop and wait, or run back to where the adventurer is standing. Just stick with her, since she leads the way to the light house that is this leg’s ultimate destination.

Waiting for the instance to catch up… (see the mini map)

This portion of the quest has some definite quirks. Leaving the instance will cause the quest to fail and have to be restarted. Sometimes the movement of the instance lags, however. So keep an eye on the mini map, and if you reach the edge of the instanced area, just stay there until it moves forward.

When Sisipu pauses and says, “Now let us locate the watch,” that’s the cue to walk forward, toward the lighthouse. A cut scene begins.

After the cut scene, “talk to” the nearby “Wind-worn corpse” (it shows up on the mini map as a friendly NPC) to start the next cut scene.

Next, walk up to the lighthouse stairs next to Sisipu to start the final cut scene for this part.

Treasures of the Main Quest Part 5: A Few Loose Ends

The adventurer is returned to the Zephyr Gate. Go back to the Fishermen’s Guild; just approach the entrance and a cut scene will play. Collect a nice reward - 3000 gil - and then the NPC linkpearl lights up. Baderon has a new errand, over at the Blacksmith/Armorsmith’s guild.

At the guild, talk to Bodenolf at the main desk. This starts a cut scene. After the cut scene, an instanced portion begins.

H’naanza is having a bad day. Be careful.

Talk to H’naanza. This will update the quest in the journal. Go back into the guild to start another cut scene.

Talk to Baderon via the NPC linkpearl again. He says to head back to the Drowning Wench.

At the Wench, Baderon has a 6000 gil reward waiting.

The Treasures of the Main quest is now complete - as is this FFXIV main scenario quest walkthrough. All told, the rewards add up to 10000 gil, with a minimal amount of XP from killing giant mosquitos.

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