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Main Scenario Quest Walkthrough: Golden Sacrifices

by: Rachael ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Golden Sacrifices is the FFXIV main scenario quest available at class level 10 for adventurers in Ul'dah. In this walkthrough, find out where to go and who to talk to for this quest. This is a walkthrough, not a story summary

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    This is FFXIV main scenario quest walkthrough for Golden Sacrifices, the second story quest for Ul'dah. This quest may be started (and completed) at class level 10. This is not a summary of the plot that's explored within the quest, but rather a reference for where to go and who to talk to, since that can sometimes be confusing during a multipart main scenario quest.

    For more basic reference, such as what an "instanced" portion of the quest is, please see BrightHub's general article about main scenario quests: The Story Continues: Main Scenario Quests in Eorzea

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    Golden Sacrifices Quest Part 1: One Fine Gambling Establishment

    Mammet and Qata Nelhah at the Platinum Mirage To get the Golden Sacrifices quest started, talk to Momodi once you have reached class level 10. This will start an instance; talk to Momodi again to end the instance. She sets the first stop in the quest as the Platinum Mirage, which is both a gambling establishment and the Pugilists' Guild.

    Go to the Platinum Mirage. Go to the counter outside of the guild (to the left of the entrance) and talk to Mammet and to Qata Nelhah. They send you inside. At the counter to the right of the main entrance, talk to Gagaruna. He will send you to "the door at the foot of the stairs."The door at the foot of the stairs in the Platinum Mirage 

    Next to the door, select the "Door" command from the interaction menu. This sends you to another area with no mini map, similar to the end of "Court in the Sands." Run straight down the hall; this causes a cutscene to start.

    Thancred making his move in the back room of the Platinum Mirage. While the next section isn't instanced, it might as well be; you're trapped in a room with no means of exit. Talk to Thancred to begin the next cut scene. At the end of the cut scene, you get kicked out of the private area, and the NPC linkpearl lights up.

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    Golden Sacrifices Quest Part 2: The Search for F'lhaminn

    Talk to Momodi via the NPC linkpearl; she sends you to find F'lhaminn at the Weavers' Guild.

    Deaustie at the Weavers' Guild The best route to get to F'lhaminn. Talk to Deaustie at the desk. He will mark a location on your map; this location can be viewed by going to the journal, selecting the quest, and then selecting the map button in the lower left hand corner of the menu. The easiest way to get to the location is to first teleport to Camp Black Brush and head northeast from there.

    At the location a cutscene will start, which ends in an instance. Talk to Ascilia to start the next cutscene; this causes the instance to end.

    F'haminn sends you to the Thaumaturges' Guild. Talk to Momodi on the NPC Linkpearl phone, then teleport back to Ul'dah and go to the guild.

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    Golden Sacrifices Quest Part 3: Death Dealers

    Talk to Yayake at the counter just to the right of the Thaumaturges' Guild entrance. This will start a cutscene. Once the cutcene is done, you will be in an instance.

    Dodge around the columns to the left and run ahead, toward where the NPCs are. Another cutscene will begin.

    Talk to Niellefresne Go to where Niellesfresne is lurking and talk to him to begin the next cutscene.

    Again, run around the columns on the left side of the room and head forward. This will trigger another cutscene.Thus ends the instance.

    Golden Sacrifices is complete! Via the NPC linkpearl, Momodi asks you to return to the Quicksand. She has some interesting news to set up the next leg of the quest, but that's to be worried about in 5 levels. Obtain 15,000 gil and complete the quest - and finish with this FFXIV quest walkthrough.

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