Court in the Sands Quest: A First Ul’dah Adventure


This is an FFXIV quest walkthrough for Court in the Sands, the first FFXIV main scenario quest available in Ul’dah. This quest may be started (and completed) immediately by a brand new (level 1) character. This is not a summary of the plot that’s explored within the quest, but rather a reference for where to go and who to talk to, since that can sometimes be confusing during a multipart main scenario quest.

For more basic reference, such as what an "instanced" portion of the quest is, please see BrightHub’s general article about main scenario quests: The Story Continues: Main Scenario Quests in Eorzea

Court in the Sands Quest Part 1: Momodi, Proprietess of the Quicksand

This main scenario quest can be begun immediately after the introductory cut scenes. Talk to Yayatoki after the Gobbue is taken down; he takes you to the Quicksand.

The Aetheryte crystal at Camp Black Brush

Talk to Momodi, then again when the instanced portion starts. Momodi shows where Camp Black Brush (the starting quest area) is on the map and provides an NPC linkpearl. Your first assignment is to get to the Camp and then attune yourself to the Aetheryte. To accomplish this, travel to Camp Black Brush, stand near the big crystal, and select the "Aetheryte" option from the menu. This results in the message, "You have arrived in Camp Black Brush."

Momodi contacts you via the NPC linkpearl once you’ve been attuned to the aetheryte. She gives you a levequest to do; this is entirely optional. Whether or not the levequest is done, teleport back to Ul’dah and head to the Quicksand.

Talk to Momodi. She gives a brief tutorial about actions/action bars.

Talk to Momodi again. This time she sends you to to the Goldsmiths’ Guild and the Coliseum. These can be done in either order.

Court in the Sands Quest Part 2: Gold and Circuses

Talk to Elecotte, get a cut scene.


Talk to Elecotte to begin a cut scene. She is behind the desk to the right of the door.That’s it for a Goldsmiths’ Guild.


The entrance to the coliseum.

Simply walk up to the sign that’s at the door to the south of the actual pit to start a cut scene.

Instanced play begins.

After selecting the

Go down the stairs to the door. Select the "door" action from the main menu. This leads to a "Duty Calls" menu, indicating that the portion of the quest about to be started can’t be paused. (And if you log out, you will have to start over again.)

Saying yes transports you into the arena where a guild gladiator waits. I don’t know what the result of victory would be; as a botanist I was soundly defeated. But the defeat brings up a new cut scene and the quest line seems to proceed just fine.

The cut scene ends in an instance. Go up the stairs to start the next cut scene.

That’s the last of the coliseum. The non-combat classes can breathe a sigh of relief.

Court in the Sands Quest Part 3: Big Trouble at the Miners’ Guild

Momodi wants to chat via the NPC linkpearl. Her next assignment: go to the Miners’ Guild.

Linette, at the Miners' Guild

Go to the Miners’ Guild and talk to Linette, behind the desk. This starts a cut scene, which then puts you in to an instance.

F'lhaminn is furious.

F’lhaminn is the focus of this portion of the quest; she runs the turtorial on emotes. Make sure to always have F’lhaminn targeted for each emote or it won’t count. You can either select the emote from the list, or just type / and whatever emote she asks for. The only exception to this is that when F’lhaminn says calm, the command is /soothe.

F’lhaminn then sends you over to the angry miners, to use the emotes from the tutorial. It’s not clear if the emotes have to be done in the exact same order as in the tutorial.

For reference, the tutorial emotes are, in order: /furious, /beckon, /laugh, /deny, /upset, /soothe

Try the various emotes at both of the miners – just emoting at one won’t get the job done. This portion of the quest can be a little frustrating. Eventually a cut scene should start.

After the cut scene, the instance continues. Talk to F’lhaminn to start the next cut scene.

Court in the Sands Quest Part 4: To Camp Black Brush With F’lhaminn

Linette sends you to Camp Black Brush and F’lhaminn comes along. After the cut scene finishes, go to the Gate of Nald.

Outside of the Gate of Nald. The message pops up right before reaching the path.

Run out of the gate and toward the path. Before you reach the path you will get a "Duty Calls" message. A cut scene begins.

This is what a lagging instance looks like. Stay within the red border or the quest will have to be restarted.

After the cut scene, an escort quest begins. This is the most challenging portion of the Court in the Sands quest. There is a moving instance; it’s important not to leave the instance. If it lags a little bit and you reach the edge, just stop and wait for it to catch up.If the instance doesn’t move to catch up, it may be necessary to restart the quest. This doesn’t seem to happen often, at least.

F’lhaminn runs quite quickly, but she will come back if she leaves you too far behind. She does eventually lead the way to Camp Black Brush; follow rather than striking out on your own, however.

Chinchillas will occasionally appear and must be fought. One or two hits with a rock should kill them (they have 2 HP), so fear not, non-warriors. If one of the Chinchillas takes off a significant portion of your health, it’s a good idea to sit and recover; F’lhaminn will just run back and forth until you’re ready to continue on.

At Camp Black Brush there is another cut scene, and another instance follows it – though this one is mercifully stationary.

Talk to Ascilia to start a new cut scene and finish this portion of the quest. At the end of the cut scene, you are automatically returned to the Gate of Nald.

Court in the Sands Quest Part 5: A Visit to the Alchemists

Return to the Miner’s Guild. A cut scene begins at the door of the Miner’s Guild, and the end result is that F’lhaminn gives you 3000 gil.

Talk to Momodi via the NPC linkpearl again. The new task is to help out at the Alchemists’ guild. The guild can be found in the upper level of Ul’dah.

Nogeloix is quite the looker.

Talk to Nogeloix to start a cut scene. He is behind the desk.

Go to the southwest corner of the room and there is another door that you must use the "door" action on. A cut scene begins. After the cut scene, an instance starts.

Looks like an Elezen, not a leech to me.

There is no mini map in this area. Head toward the end of the hall then go left up the stairs. There’s a "Well-Worn Leech" there that says the sickrooms are just past the door. Work the "door" action magic.

Through the door, a cut scene begins. Once the cut scene is done, talk to Momodi on the NPC Linkpearl phone.

You have completed the quest!

Return to the Quicksand. (to get out of the back reaches of the Alchemist’s Guild, go back down the hall to the first door.)

Momodi hands over 6000 gil and then Court in the Sands is complete – as is this FFXIV quest walkthrough!

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