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Final Fantasy XIV Races
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Final Fantasy XIV Races - Elezen

Once able to claim dominion over Eorzea, the Elezen were the first known race in the world. Now a nomadic people, the Elezen have often been at war with the Hyur who invaded their lands, although they currently share a tenative peace. The Elezen are tall, slim, with elongated limbs and ears said to pick up the sound of a field mouse at a long distance.

The Wildwood Elezen live in the forests, with a keen sense of sight and skill at archery. Duskwright Elezen, on the other hand, often live in caverns with skill at hand-to-hand combat and enhanced aural ability.

Also seen in Final Fantasy XI (Elvaan). An elvish race, with elongated ears and effeminate features.

Final Fantasy XIV Races - Lalafell


The Lalafell are originally from the south seas, where they practiced an agricultural livestyle. Eventually, they found their way along marine trade routes to the lands of Eorzea. Unadjusted to colder climates, the stout Lalafell are both agile and intelligent.

The Plainsfolk live on flat islands in traditionally thatched huts, while the Dunesfolk are adjusted to the hot weather of the deserts and live upon the great beasts that carry their homes.

Also seen in Final Fantasy XI (Tarutaru) and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Lilty). A gnomish-like race, with a short stature and child-like appearance.

Final Fantasy XIV Races - Hyur

Male Hyur

The Hyur have made several migrations into Eorzea, leading to them becoming one of the most populated races in the lands. Believing in the power of the individual, the Hyur have spearheaded a great deal of cultural progress.

The Midlander clan of the Hyur are commonly found in the cities across Eorzea, and are often educated at an early age. Highlanders live in mountainous regions, but are rarely seen outside the cities except as mercenaries.

Also seen in Final Fantasy XI (Humes), Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Clavat), and other assorted human races throughout the series. A standard human race.


Roegadyn and Elezen

A massive, muscular people who believe in competition and courage, the Roegadyn are found mostly in the northern seas. They possess large frames with thick faces and broad shoulders.

Most Roegadyn are Sea Wolves, maritimers who have a history of both being dreadful pirates and great fisherman. Drawn away from the sea to the volcanoes that they believe to be the entrance to the underworld, the Hellsguard have taken on a fiery appearance.

Also seen in Final Fantasy XI (Galka).



Isolationists in nature, the Miqo’te are an anthropomorphic race. Evolved from ancient hunters, they bear a keen sense of smell and powerful legs.

The Miqo’te have evolved into two distinguishable groups. Seekers of the Sun are a diurnal race and have faintly colored eyes; the Keepers of the Moon dwell in the darkness and continue to practice painting their faces for battle.

Also seen in Final Fantasy XI (Mithra). A feline anthropomorphic (“cat-girl”) type race.