Final Fantasy XI Beginner Race Guide – Elvaan

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The Elvaan are one of the five beginner races in Vana’diel. The name “Elvaan” is a plural variant on the word “elf”. Elvaan are from the great city of San d’Oria where they are ruled over by a monarchy.


The Elvaan are tall, elegant and snobby. Most Elvaan are knights and are proficient swordfighters. San d’Oria is a strictly Elvaan city, however, any race can start there.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Elvaan have high strength, vitality and mind. They also have decent HP, MP and dexterity. The jobs that make most use of these stats are Paladin, White Mage, Warrior and Monk. Elvaan have low agility and intelligence, reducing magic damage and evasion.

Beginner Jobs

BLACK MAGE – Elvaan make poor Black Mages. Low agility and strength make for low magic damage and low survivability. Average MP doesn’t help much. Expensive gear is required to play a Black Mage.

MONK – Elvaan make picture perfect Monks. They have high strength, mind, vitality and HP. Low dexterity makes hit rate a little worse, but inexpensive gear can help.

RED MAGE – Red Mage is a good choice for Elvaan. High strength helps with melee damage and high mind causes good healing. Elvaan are low on MP and intelligence but this is easily remedied by gear.

THIEF – Elvaan make decent Thieves. High strength increases damage over time, however low agility and dexterity hurt Trick Attack and Sneak Attack. Moderate HP and vitality increase survivability.

WARRIOR – The most popular Elvaan job is Warrior. Elvaan have high strength and vitality to help with damage dealing and mitigation. A good HP helps survivability. Dexterity gear should be obtained if possible.

WHITE MAGE – Elvaan have high mind, vitality and HP, but have low MP. Their high mind stat results in strong healing. Vitality and HP make for good survivability but low MP means not much healing. Don’t be dissuaded. Elvaan make powerful White Mages.

Tips and Suggestions

Remember that race is a personal preference. Gear can overcome stat problems later. Elvaan are more suited for melee oriented jobs and are great for beginner Warriors and Monks. Remember to start in San d’Oria to receive your San d’Orian Ring.

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