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Final Fantasy XI Beginner Race Guide – Hume

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Hume are a playable race in the MMO Final Fantasy XI. This guide provides information on strengths, weaknesses, beginning jobs and suggestions for playing the race.

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    Hume are one of the five starting races in Final Fantasy XI. Hume are one of three races available with a choice of gender, allowing for a more customized character. They also have an average stat, HP and MP pool.

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    The Hume come from the Bastok region, but their large numbers inhabit all of Vana’diel. Known as a “Jack of All Trades”, Humes are well suited to any job. They are also the most popular race choice, due to their resemblance to humans.

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    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Humes don’t have any clear cut strengths and weaknesses. Their biggest strength is their versatility. Due to their well rounded stats, any job at any time is a good choice. In the same way, they can’t perform as well in more stat dependent jobs.

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    Beginning Jobs

    BLACK MAGE – Black Mage is a good choice for Hume. Their high agility, vitality and HP keep their survivability high. In addition, their high intelligence and MP keep the Hume casting and doing consistent damage.

    MONK – Monk is not the best job for Humes. They require high strength, dexterity and vitality. A Hume can make a good Monk, but you’ll need expensive gear to keep up to par.

    RED MAGE – The Red Mage job fit Humes like a glove. Red Mage requires a diverse array of stats, and the Hume has just what is required. Good melee and casting abilities round out this job.

    THIEF – Humes make very good Thieves. They have average dexterity and agility, which helps with damage and evasion, and strength for their melee attacks.

    WARRIOR – Hume are great Warriors. Their stats make for high HP, evasion, tanking and damage dealing. They don’t die fast and are versatile.

    WHITE MAGE – Hume have in abundance what White Mages need. Solid mind, HP, MP, vitality and agility all make for a good White Mage. Hume White Mages have powerful heals and lots of them, plus the needed survivability.

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    Tips and Suggestions

    Hume is a great race to choose if you aren’t positive what job you want to play. The ability to switch to any job and be proficient makes Hume a great choice. If you start your Hume in Bastok, you will receive the Bastokian Ring, increasing your early stats.

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