Final Fantasy XI Beginner Race Guide - Hume

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Hume are one of the five starting races in Final Fantasy XI. Hume are one of three races available with a choice of gender, allowing for a more customized character. They also have an average stat, HP and MP pool.


The Hume come from the Bastok region, but their large numbers inhabit all of Vana’diel. Known as a “Jack of All Trades”, Humes are well suited to any job. They are also the most popular race choice, due to their resemblance to humans.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Humes don’t have any clear cut strengths and weaknesses. Their biggest strength is their versatility. Due to their well rounded stats, any job at any time is a good choice. In the same way, they can’t perform as well in more stat dependent jobs.

Beginning Jobs

BLACK MAGE – Black Mage is a good choice for Hume. Their high agility, vitality and HP keep their survivability high. In addition, their high intelligence and MP keep the Hume casting and doing consistent damage.

MONK – Monk is not the best job for Humes. They require high strength, dexterity and vitality. A Hume can make a good Monk, but you’ll need expensive gear to keep up to par.

RED MAGE – The Red Mage job fit Humes like a glove. Red Mage requires a diverse array of stats, and the Hume has just what is required. Good melee and casting abilities round out this job.

THIEF – Humes make very good Thieves. They have average dexterity and agility, which helps with damage and evasion, and strength for their melee attacks.

WARRIOR – Hume are great Warriors. Their stats make for high HP, evasion, tanking and damage dealing. They don’t die fast and are versatile.

WHITE MAGE – Hume have in abundance what White Mages need. Solid mind, HP, MP, vitality and agility all make for a good White Mage. Hume White Mages have powerful heals and lots of them, plus the needed survivability.

Tips and Suggestions

Hume is a great race to choose if you aren’t positive what job you want to play. The ability to switch to any job and be proficient makes Hume a great choice. If you start your Hume in Bastok, you will receive the Bastokian Ring, increasing your early stats.

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