Fallout 3 Weapons Guide, Locations For Unique and Special In-Game Weapons

Fallout 3 Weapons Guide, Locations For Unique and Special In-Game Weapons
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Exploring the expansive capital wasteland in Bethesda’s latest role-playing masterpiece Fallout 3 is one of the most amazing gaming experiences in recent memory. Few recent games can even come close to the overall scope of the game and intricate detail with which it is realized.

The trek through the ruins of Washington D.C. can be a dangerous undertaking, however. With super mutants and ghouls on their tail, along with armies of mutated super bugs, the lone player needs every advantage he can get. Fortunately, for those looking for a little extra firepower, several special weapons are available for those who know where to find them.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of the special weapons available in Fallout 3, but finding these weapons will definitely make life outside of Vault 101 a bit easier.

Fair warning, some of the descriptions may contain minor plot spoilers.

Special Energy Weapons

A3-21’s Plasma Rifle

A3-21’s Plasma Rifle is available at the end of the “Replicated Man” quest. Side with Harkness against Dr. Zimmer and Harkness will give it to you. This plasma rifle has increased damage and crit rating, and can be repaired using parts from normal plasma rifles.

Alien Blaster

The Alien Blaster is found lying next to a crashed alien spaceship. It has limited ammunition, Alien Power Cells, and a crit rating of nearly 100%. Find the alien crash site just north of the MDPL-13 Power Station.

Smuggler’s End

Fallout 3 Wasteland

Smuggler’s End is a unique laser pistol with increased damage found in the safe in Elder Lyon’s room in the B Ring of The Citadel.

Wazer Wifle

The unique laser rifle called “Wazer Wifle” is purchased from a child named “Biwwy” in Little Lamplight. He will sell it to you for approximately 250 caps. Alternatively, if you have the “Child at Heart” perk, you can convince him to give it to you for free.

Check out page 2 of the guide for locations and information on special Small Guns like the Kneecapper and special Melee Weapons including The Break.

Special Small Guns

Fallout 3 Canine Companion

Colonel Autumn’s 10mm Pistol

This double damage 10mm pistol can be looted from the corpse of Colonel Autumn during the “Waters of Life” quest. After he \dies in the Jefferson Rotunda, stand near the door, place the cursor on his body, then rotate the view until the “search Colonel Autumn” message appears.

The Kneecapper

This unique shotgun is acquired from Ronald in Girdershade. Killing him is one way to obtain it. Another, less violent method is to shoot it out of his hand using V.A.T.S then put your weapon away so he’ll stop attacking. Afterward, simply pick it up from the ground when he can’t see you. With a tighter cone of fire, The Kneecapper does more damage than ordinary shotguns.

Lincoln’s Repeater

Lincoln’s repeater is a unique hunting rifle located in a display case on the top floor of the Museum of American History. It uses .44 Magnum ammunition and does increased damage with increased accuracy.

Special Melee Weapons

Image from Fallout 3 Trailer

The Break

The Break is a unique pool cue with increased damage. Find it on a pool table in Paradise Falls

Fawkes’ Super Sledge

Receive Fawkes’ Super Sledge after rescuing or killing him inside Vault 87. It does 32 damage, versus the 25 done by a regular sledge.


Jack is a unique chainsaw found on the body of an Enclave officer inside the deathclaw sanctuary. It has the same damage rating as the Ripper, but with a higher critical rate.

Making use of the various special weapons throughout the game can make a huge difference in the overall difficulty of the main quest. Gamers who seek out and acquire as many as possible will find their time in the wasteland significantly easier. Thanks for reading the guide, and be careful out there, the ruins of D.C. are not to be traveled lightly.

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