Fallout 3 Walkthrough - The Superhuman Gambit - Fighting the AntAgonizer

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - The Superhuman Gambit - Fighting the AntAgonizer
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This one starts as soon as you walk into Canterbury Commons. You’ll see two oddly dressed people standing beside robots and an ant army. After some insults are exchanged, they’ll attack each other. The robots should win easily and both leaders will flee.

Once it’s done, Uncle Roe should run up and ask you to help with their little problem. You can pass a speech check to get him to offer 400 for taking out one of them.

A Little Research

There’s a few things to do for research for this one. The first thing is to talk to Uncle Roe and ask for help. He’ll state that his nephew, Derek, should know something about the two costumed characters. Find him and ask about them. He should mark both of their hideouts on your map. You can also learn that Joe Porter has an extra tip about the AntAgonizer.

Go ahead and talk to Joe Porter in his dinner. He will be able to tell you the AntAgonizer’s real name. This helps if you want to talk her down. You could also theorhetically go into the D.C. Ruins to find the Hubris Comics headquarters. One of the computers contains a long note about the AntAgonizer’s history, since the current one got the idea from an old comic. It’s not worth it if you haven’t been there already though.

While we’re at it, you probably need to make your choice about what you’ll do. Roe just wants them taken care of. He’ll pay no matter what. The big issue is what you’ll get out of the deal. There are two weapons and two costumes. You can get the Ant Sting if you side with the Antagonizer against the Mechanist. You can Protectron’s Gaze if you side with The Mechanist. You can also get their costumes, which are mainly just for looks and not use. You can’t get all four without borderline cheating though. You are limited to three.

The AntAgonizer

Fallout 3 - The Superhuman Gambit - The AntAgonizer’s Lair

I suggest that you go visit the AntAgonizer first. You can get to her hideout by leaving the city and visiting the Canterbury Tunnels. Move through this little facility until you find a switch on a wall. This should open up a secret set of stairs and let you down into the ant tunnels. You’ll start running into her ant soldiers now. Just blow them away with your shotgun.

You will eventually come to the door to her lair. Once inside, you can talk to her. If you know her backstory from visiting Hubris Comics, then you can automatically pass the speech check and convince her that redemption is an option. If not you’ll either need the Lady Killer perk or a lot of points in Speech to reliably talk her into surrendering. If you do this, she’ll give up her costume and walk away.

If you can’t convince her or don’t want to do it, then start a fight. Five ant soldiers will spawn. Just run back and blow them away. The AntAgonizer herself isn’t too strong, so a few blasts will take her out. Make sure that you loot her costume.

If you want to get Ant Sting and help her, then you can agree to kill The Mechanist for her. Ant Sting is just a half decent knife that also poisons the target. I think you’d be better off with the Shishkebab. He’ll actually storm in at this moment. Just cut him down to get the new weapon and the Mechanist’s costume. You can also visit the Mechanist first, get him to surrender, and then turn in his costume to her. You can kill her to get both costumes and Ant Sting.

The Mechanist

The Mechanist lives in the old robot repair center by the town’s entrance. This place will be full of leveled robots, so come in with some decent weapons. If you have 75 points in Lockpick, then congratulations. You can just go down the first hallway and pick the elevator door. This will take you right up to the forge.

Fallout 3 - The Superhuman Gambit - The Mechanist’s Lair

If you don’t have enough in Lockpick, then just go forward and into the security area. Kill the robots in here and move up to the control room. Keep moving into the next robot bay and kill the turrets. There are control panels to emit pulses, turn off the turrets, and generally help you. The problem is that you usually have to kill just about everything to get to them. If you’re good at sneaking, feel free to try it.

Clearing out this second area should open up a path up. The entrance to the forge itself is hidden. You’ll need to access the coffee maker to make the door appear. Then use this to get inside and visit The Mechanist.

If you already took care of the AntAgonizer, you can turn in her costume for Protectron’s Gaze. This is a great laser pistol that basically acts like a laser shotgun. If you want the costume back, then you should be able to kill him after he hands you the weapon. Then you can get both costumes. You can also ally with him to get the AntAgonizer to storm in and get killed.

If you want good karma more than the pistol, then you can pass a speech check to convince him to take off the suit and drop the name. You can also use Black Widow or Child-at-Heart. He’ll turn in his costume and walk away.


No matter what you do, as long as you take care of at least one of the superheroes, the rivalry will be over and Uncle Roe will give you the agreed upon award. If you take care of both of them, he’ll give you an extra 200 caps. If the town gets hit by a random attack, then you can talk to one of the surviving adults. If everyone is dead, then you can talk to Derek and get your reward. This is the one rare time where Children being invincible comes in handy.

Everything else is basically the same though. Enjoy your new costumes and toys.

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