Codemaster F1 2010 No Engind Sound - F1 2010 Sound Problems & Solutions

Codemaster F1 2010 No Engind Sound - F1 2010 Sound Problems & Solutions
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F1 2010 Sound Problems

A litany of F1 2010 sound problems have found their way onto the internet. In various forums & message board post, people have posted their problems and asked the collective internet consciousness for answers. This article will look into F1 2010 sound problems, stretching from innocuous things like volume levels to the Codemasters F1 2010 no engine sound bug. Read on for a guide to the possible problems with an analysis of said F1 2010 sound problem as well as some attempted solutions also.

This F1 2010 sound problem seems to be a recurring theme in PC releases of Codemasters games. A whole host of these errors and bugs are found in both GRID and DIRT 2 and F1 2010 doesn’t seem to disappoint - or in this case it actually does. Often these problems are due to the software acceleration being used by the game for audio purposes. There a couple of ways to deal with this - most notably changing the settings to use your own hardware for the audio acceleration - and they shall be fleshed out below.

Codemasters F1 2010: No Engine Sound Among Others

Firstly it should be noted that certain sound cards cannot implement EAX5, reminiscent of Bad Company 2’s similar problem, thus making them obsolete for audio acceleration in-game. Both the ASUS Xonar and Terratech Aureon cards have this compatibility issue and will no doubt give you a F1 2010 sound problem. One simple solution is evident, insofar as solving the Codemasters F1 2010 no engine sounds or speech problems, which involves allowing Rapture to run on your computer.

To do this, navigate to “My Computer>System Information>Advanced>Environment Variables” and add a new line of text. This text should read, in capitals, ALLOW_RESTRICTED_RAPTURE3D followed by the number 1. This is the first method you should use, as it allows the Rapture audio software to run on your computer, if it was being restricted initially.

F1 2010 Sound Problem Solutions

If the F1 2010 sound problem still persists, even after allowing the once restricted Rapture to work, then follow this list. Instead of running the audio from the game’s default software setting, this list should change it so the audio is ran through the hardware you currently have installed. Unfortunately this option isn’t available in the game’s menus and some work has to be done.

  • Locate “hardware_settings_config.xml” file in the “My Documents>My Games>FormulaOne>hardwaresettings” folder
  • Open the file using notepad (or some other deviation on this program)
  • Copy this text into the text “” and save the file
  • Open the “hardware_settings_info.xml” file with notepad
  • Copy this text into the section and save;
    • <audio_card audioEnabled=“true”>
    • </audio_card>

F1 001

This series of changes to the config files should help solve the F1 2010 sound problems, by changing the volume level of speech etcetera in the game and enabling the audio software. Hopefully this guide to Codemasters F1 2010 no engine sounds et al, has helped you to have an enjoyable Formula One experience, with the requisite sounds of the engineered machines fully compatible. Obviously this guide can’t cover every problem encountered, by any specific PC user, but it gives an overview of the best solutions to these F1 2010 sound problems.