Everquest Classic - Overview Of The Shaman Character Class in the Original Classic Everquest MMORPG

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I hope you don’t mind being begged for buffs…

The shaman is a primitive priest that has enormous utility to any group. They also have strong solo capability, chiefly outdoors.

Their most prized abilities include their strong statistic and resistance buffs along with their slows, which are more powerful than those of other classes. Shaman also have strong damage-over-time spells along with movement enhancements that enable them to kite passably well. Their buffs, however, are what make them most desired - they can increase hitpoints and all statistics so much that they boost all the other classes to another plane.

Shaman are the only class to have access to the alchemy tradeskill, which can be both lucrative and useful. They can heal, shield or even provide teleports to those that drink them. Any shaman would be wise to sink some time into improving their alchemy when they have enough money to start raising it properly.

Certain shaman buffs can even push the statistics of their target even beyond the customary cap put on by gear and other buffs, making them particularly crucial for high end raiding. As shaman know that they have access to these buffs at all times, it means that they have greater freedom to choose their equipment to suit them. Their healing power is weaker than that of druids or clerics, but it’s still more powerful than those of hybrid classes like the paladin and ranger.

Shaman can wear certain types of plate, but otherwise stick mostly to chain armor. The major issue that shaman have is that they aren’t as active a class to play in the midst of fights as many other classes. They generally need to spend the majority of their mana on their buffs, and otherwise only toss out debuffs and the occasional damage-over-time on their targets. They’re not nearly as involved a class as some of the more complicated ones.

For some players, that’s actually a plus. As a highly social class, you won’t have trouble finding groups or making friends as a shaman. Shaman buffs are also in high demand from random players, and many shaman can make a decent income simply buffing people in central locations like the Plane of Knowledge. If you’re new to the game and need to raise some money fast from needy players - and are high enough level to service clientele with money to burn - that’s a good strategy to pursue.

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