Everquest Classic - Overview Of The Magician Character Class In the Original Classic Everquest MMORPG

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Summon elementals to do your bidding.

Magicians are the most pet focused class in the game, having a variety of different ones that they can use in different situations, along with an array of strong elemental spells for direct damage. They have no fear or root spells, but their pets are highly capable tanks that make them one of the most effective solo classes out there. So long as you don’t bite off more than you can chew, you can solo even through the high levels with a mage without any kiting trickery.

Magicians do need to perform more spell research than any other class, which can be rather annoying while you are leveling and trying to get all of your spells. Magician pets are cheap to summon in terms of mana and materials, so you don’t have to worry so much if you lose yours.

Magicians are considered master summoners, and they have the ability to summon a variety of utility items wherever they are, making them rather useful for groups on occasion. These items include food and water, along with underwater breathing items and levitation. Getting used to the kinks in pet behavior can be rather annoying for new players, but after a while and some familiarity with the zones that you’re leveling in, you should get the hang of it in time. Magicians can only wear cloth armor, making them very vulnerable if they lose their pet. It’s advisable to flee if that happens, unless your enemy is very low on health.

The earth elemental pet has the highest health, and casts a root along with its attacks. As this is the only root the magician has access to, this can be quite useful in many situations. The water pet has slightly less health, has high poison resistance and casts an ice direct damage spell. It’s one of the more balanced pets, as it does a fair amount of damage while still having enough health to take a beating from most opponents. The air pet has less health, but can cast a stun - particularly useful when you want to interrupt some spells. The fire pet has the lowest health, but it does the most damage with a strong fire spell and a damage shield. This is usually the best pet to use when you’re in a party and have someone tanking for you.

Magicians also have access to monster pets that vary depending on the zone in which they are summoned, and eventually a highly powerful temporary pet that acts in addition to the one that they already have.

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