Everquest Classic - OVerview Of The Cleric Character Class in the Original Classic Everquest MMORPG.

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Indestructable engines of unstoppable healing.

In Everquest it is rare that any particular class be considered the “best” at a particular role with no argument about it, but the cleric is the exception. Clerics are indispensable for healing, and they are without a doubt the best class for the role in every category.

They also have a number of powerful buffs that increase casting speed, health and armor. The plate-wearing cleric is almost necessary for a lot of content, so picking it as a class is a good way to be showered in group invites. In most situations, a cleric will only heal, just standing up from meditation to keep their tank alive. They are focused mostly on single target healing, primarily the tank. In most small party situations, a cleric can survive a fair amount of beating thanks to their armor, although they will need to have the tank get the monsters off of them quickly if they want the group to survive. Their divine intervention spell can render a target temporally invulnerable, which will save lives quite often.

Their resurrection line of spells is also very important, as it helps party members and others regain lost experience after death. Clerics have some offensive capability, but if they are going to solo, it’s best for them to stick to undead. They have a good array of spells that allows them to do additional damage to the undead, and it’s particularly mana efficient. Their Vow of Valor spells produce a strong self-heal that helps clerics solo more effectively, as they can then focus on dealing damage. They can melee if they need to, but the amount of damage that they do relative to other classes in that fashion is rather pitiful.

While their complete heal spell no longer completely fills all health bars - it heals up to 7500 health - it still gets pretty close to it. That spell helps to define the cleric class - in raids, teams of clerics will rotate their heals on the tanks to keep them all alive. They also now have a number of powerful heal-over-time spells that they can keep up on various targets to keep them stitched together. Dwarves and Erudites have the highest wisdom, but arguably a Dwarf is the better choice, as they also have higher stamina and strength. Even so, it’s not an entirely crucial decision, as it’s relatively easy to maximize your statistics with good equipment once you reach the highest levels.

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