Everquest 2 - Overview Of The Kerra Race In Everquest 2

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Some Kerra raid for catnip instead of DKP.

The Kerra are a race of cat people that have had a rather fractured history. They originated on the island continent of Odus, where they had a persisting rivalry with the Erudites, particularly their Heretic necromancer faction. They warred with them frequently, until many of their people were launched off the very surface of Norrath and sent to the moon of Luclin. There, they thrived, renaming their people Vah Shir. When communication with Luclin was reopened, many Vah Shir from the moon resettled on Norrath, helping to teach more civilized ways to the largely primitive Kerrans left on the planet itself. When Luclin was shattered during the great cataclysm, it was a tragic day for the Kerran people. They have since sought to regain their lost glory.

Starting Attributes

Strength: 22

Agility: 23

Stamina: 20

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 20


Mental: 0

Heat: 3

Cold: 3

Magic: 0

Divine: 0

Poison: 4

Disease: 4

Kerrans have above average or average attributes in all areas except for intelligence. They have very good physical statistics, so they are well suited to the scout and fighter roles. Their intelligence really isn’t that bad either, and neither is their wisdom - they can do well in any role they apply themselves to, and their lack of serious weaknesses helps those classes with multiple attribute dependencies. Their innate racial abilities are Feral Rage, which increases in combat movement speed by 50% and casting speed by 50% for 36 seconds on a 5 minute cooldown - a very powerful combat ability. They also have Sneak Attack, which increases their movement speed while sneaking or invisible by 15%. Lastly, they have Sonicvison, which allows them to see in the dark with an oddly colored tint.

Racial Traditions

Leaping Grace: Decreases threat, teleports the user 10 meters in a random direction. 5 minute cooldown.

Claw: Slashing damage on melee target, decreases melee damage mitigation. 1 minute cooldown.

Gift of the Land: Reduces power consumption of alchemy by 10%.

Timber Shaper: Increased fletching skill by 5.

Feline Grace: Decreases falling damage by 25%.

Kerra Speed: Increases out of combat moving speed by 5%.

Ancestral Protection: Improved divine damage mitigation.

Fleetness of Foot: Increased agility by 5.

Tribal Knowledge: Increases maximum power by 3%.

Murrar Shar’s Guidance: Increases melee crit by 2% and parry by 5 or spell crit by 2% and ministration by 5.

These abilities taken together provide an array of benefits, mostly to scouts. Claw is a pretty good ability, and Leaping Grace is good for any non-tank class that needs to drop threat. Their power increase and agility boost are useful to just about every class as well, as is their Murrar Shar’s Guidance. You can easily do without the falling damage buff. Kerra Speed is nice to have when you can’t be on your mount.

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