Everquest 2 - Overview Of The Froglok Character Class In Everquest 2

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Q: What’s a Froglok’s favorite music genre? A: Hip-hop. (I’m so, so sorry.)

Frogloks were granted enlightenment hundreds of years ago by the god Mithaniel Marr, whom they still worship fervently. They are a good race, having made the city of Qeynos their home. This amphibian race has slimy skin, and tends to be green colored. They favor holy pursuits, but are balanced enough to do well in any class that they choose. They have a close relationship with the High Elven people, who have taken it upon themselves to act as guides to the Frogloks. They live in the same neighborhood in Qeynos.

Starting Attributes

Strength: 16

Agility: 24

Stamina: 20

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 20


Mental: 2

Heat: 2

Cold: 2

Magic: 2

Divine: 2

Poison: 2

Disease: 2

Their strongest attribute is agility, but their casting statistics are all about average. They have good stamina, and their strength isn’t too far off from that of humans. Their racial attributes both have to do with water - they can breathe underwater and hop on top of it, giving them permanent water walking. They’re as at home under the waves as they are on solid ground. Their balanced statistics make them good as priests or even paladins, and their high agility can make them perform well as avoidance tanks like the Monk. Overall, though, all their stats are close enough together to not really create any particular advantage or serious penalty for any class that you happen to choose.

Racial Traditions

Astounding Leap: 10 meter teleport in a random direction, area of effect threat drop. 5 minute cooldown.

Soft Landing: 25% reduction in falling damage

Fervor of Marr: 10% less power cost for metal shaping

Marr’s Glorious Blade: Area of effect crushing damage. 2 minute cooldown.

Crusader’s Respite: Additional health regeneration and wisdom buff. 3 minute duration, 10 minute cooldown.

Natural Acrobat: +5 agility.

Cold Blooded: Additional heat and cold mitigation.

Spontaneous Metamorphosis: +3% to maximum health.

Valor In Battle: +2% heal crit, +5 ministration or +2% double attack and +5 crushing.

Zealotry of Marr: +5% increased weaponsmithing success.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot here that really gives the frogloks a serious leg up over the other races. Valor in Battle is quite good, but you only get the full bonus of it if you are a melee class using a crushing weapon. Astounding Leap is a useful ability, particularly for healers and arcane casters that need to drop threat quickly. Soft Landing is nothing to write home about, what with the number of races that have a permanent slowfall ability that outshines this one. Still, there’s nothing here to really sway your class choice - most of them work well for just about any class.

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