Everquest 2 - Overview Of The Fae Character Class In Everquest 2

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Every time you say “I don’t believe in fairies,” a Fae needs to make a corpse run.

The Fae are a magical winged race from the tree city of Kelethin. They’re physically weak but quick, intelligent and wise. They’re known for their practical jokes and lighthearted manner, flitting through the trees, largely free of care. Only a few Fae leave their insular communities for the adventuring life. They have never built up any great civilizations, instead re-purposing Kelethin for their own after the Elves fled the land of Faydwer during the great cataclysms. They can play well as scouts, mages and priests, although their extreme lack of strength and stamina hampers their ability to act as effective fighters without good equipment.

Starting Attributes

Strength: 10

Agility: 30

Stamina: 10

Intelligence: 25

Wisdom: 25


Mental: 2

Heat: 2

Cold: 2

Magic: 4

Divine: 3

Poison: 4

Disease: 4

The Fae are quite similar to their twisted cousins, the Arasai, sharing many of their racial abilities and Racial Traditions. Their high agility and intelligence actually has great benefit for scouts, as intelligence increases the proc rate of poisons. This helps to make up for their lack of strength. They have three special abilities - Wind Walker, a 50% movement speed buff that lasts for 36 seconds on a 5 minute cooldown, a permanent slowfall ability, and infravision.

Racial Traditions

Aerial Dodging: +1% spell damage and healing crit chance, +5 defense skill

Escaping Dive: 10 meter teleport in a random direction, decreases threat in an area of effect. 5 minute cooldown.

Fae Dexterity: +5 agility

Fae Fire: Area of effect around caster fire damage with damage over time. 10 meter radius. 6 second duration, 1 minute cooldown.

Fae Flight: +5% to movement speed.

Forest Knowledge: +5 to fletching.

Glide: Increased jump distance.

Magic of the Fae: +3% to maximum power.

Magical Teachings: +5 to scribing.

Toxic Protection: Improved mitigation against poison damage.

All of these abilities taken together are a nice boost to both casting classes and scouts. Their agility boost is one of the best in the game, giving them more power to work with as scouts along with greater avoidance abilities. The boost to maximum power is also useful for all classes. Fae Fire is quite good for when you have a solid area of effect tank, as it’s practically free damage. Escaping Dive is a very useful ability for all damage dealing classes, as it’s practically a get out of jail free card. The defense skill improvement is also remarkably good, potentially boosting an avoidance based tank like a monk to better tanking ability.

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