Eve Isk Guide- Gold Sellers, Missions, and Mining

Eve Isk Guide- Gold Sellers, Missions, and Mining
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Getting Eve’s Currency

An Eve Online player needs to gain isk regardless of his factions. The currency of the game helps the player buy ship repairs, ship part, and the skills he or she needs to pilot his chosen ships correctly. A number of sites exist that sell mmorpg currencies on the net, but the assumption made in this article will be that players wish to obtain the isk in the fashion that is least likely to get them banned. A brief section on isk services is included as these services offer the fastest way for a player to get more money.


The first task that the neophyte shuttles undertake is mining ore from nearby asteroids. The process of mining requires targeting the asteroid and using the appropriate equipment. The ore may be sold at a space station to get money for skills. He should also consider running missions. Missions and ore mining may provide steady income but they do not get those really neat battleships and Titan class ships that any Eve Online player dreams of piloting. Information on mmorpg currency sellers can be found here and a discussion on the ethics and legality of these operations can be found here.


An Eve Online spae fleet descending on a planet

Eve’s economy tends to be more player-driven than more fantasy oriented games. Players make needed ship components and sell them to others. The high-end ship components will cause the player to rake in more money but an Eve Online player must invest the time necessary to learn the skills. Learning skills in Eve Online works a little differently than it does in other games because skills are learned real time. Trade skills do not require the same process of building items until you reach a certain point which is the formula used in most other games. Selling ship components works.

The basic principle to make money by trading is the same principle used in all businesses buy low and sell high. You can also do trade runs this way when something is sold for a low price in one system and bought at a higher price in another.

NPC Hunting Chains – Get Isk in Eve Online Without Getting Banned

Inside of an Eve Online space station. Most trading takes place here

After mining, going after NPCs for gear and cargo will be the most likely way that an Eve Online player can make money. The areas for this hunting should be selected carefully to match up with the abilities of the player and his ships. You’ll want to use more combat oriented ships for this, but you also want to make sure you have cargo space for the loot that you pick up. The kills give a small amount of isk, but you can also pick up cargo that the NPC ships might have been carrying. Players can combine these trips with agent missions to bring them in a steady supply of isk.

Eve Online Piracy

amarr space station

Piracy, like buying isk, falls into the gray area of what might be acceptable in Eve Online. Pirating other player characters involves waiting outside of a jump gate and targeting the ships that pass through. The tactic works for getting loot off of their ships, but it does not make the pirates popular with other players. In most cases, the player pirates go after ships of a certain corporation as part of a player versus player conflict, although pirates looking to make money should not distinguish between corporations and should pick likely targets for loot.

Be Careful when Getting Tons of Isk

Players should stick to legal ways to get Isk in Eve Online, unless they want to risk losing their account. Some methods used here are legal, but frowned upon by other players. Other methods, such as gaining a corporation’s trust and then stealing their vault make no one happy and can haunt a player’s Eve Online career. The risk versus reward should always be considered before taking any action that could endanger your Eve Online account or your Eve character’s reputation. Stealing from a guild that trusted you (or corporation in the cae of Eve) is always a bad idea.


Eve Online Isk Guide