Dungeon Fighter Online - Gunner Guide

Dungeon Fighter Online - Gunner Guide
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The Gunner Class

If you like to shoot things from a distance, lob grenades, and blast away with Gatling guns and flamethrowers, the gunner may be the class for you! All gunners have a few common skills available to them, but you’ll want to focus on your highly defined class-unique skills to really get the most out of your gameplay. To start off, you’ll have to reach level 18 to get your class change, which will take your gunner into a very different, and very specialized playstyle - the game offers you a taste of each subclass during the early levels to let you try them out.

Getting Started

On your way to 18, you’re going to want to max out your Gatling gun, windmill, silver bullets, windmill, and grenade skills, for easy leveling. The rest of the skills are optional and fun (especially BBQ and Flamethrower!) but I would recommend just getting the above skills for the quickest and easiest road to your class change.

Gatling Gun will do a devastating amount of fixed damage in a line, knock back and shoot through multiple opponents, and has a relatively low cooldown, but high mana cost.

Windmill is your close range get out of trouble area of effect knockdown attack, great in both PvE and PvP it will do a heavy amount of damage and trip up your opponents.

Silver Bullets adds a healthy amount of extra damage to your basic attacks, making it great no matter what weapon you happen to be using.

Grenades are some of the best AOE offered in the game and they LAUNCH your foes into the air, enabling great combo setups with your other skills. Try a grenade, then windmill them when they get up - most groups of enemies (and players!) can’t survive it easily

The Launcher

The Launcher is a gunner subclass all about AOE (Area of Effect) damage. He specializes in laser beams that cut through entire screens of opponents, flamethrowers, and even atomic missiles that can be used to wipe out entire waves of enemies. If you like ripping apart dozens of enemies at a time, or causing havoc on a free for all PvP map, this may be the class for you. Launchers use hand cannons, the slowest shooting, shortest range guns. Launchers are the only gunner class that gets access to heavy armor.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic is all about creating and demolishing his own personal army - from explosive robot drones, time bombs, sentry cannons, and his very own flying mech, you’ll be playing a very caster-style role as this gunner. Mechanics wear cloth, as you’ll need the mana to keep your robots running around and bombs exploding. If you like having a disposable army at your command, and dropping down boatloads of bomb-bots on your enemies, this may be the class for you! Mechanics use autoguns as their weapon of choice, the fastest but weakest of the guns.


The Ranger

The Ranger is basically the ultimate badass you see in most movies. With a lit cigarette dangling from his avatar’s lips, the Ranger is a close range combat machine with desperado-style pistol power. The ranger focuses on mangling opponents in close combat and using extreme speed with his pistols to dispatch foes. Rangers start out slightly weaker than many of the other gunner choices, but are rewarded in the endgame with some of the coolest (and most powerful!) skills, such as the incredible, awakening Scud Genocide (Not available yet as it is a level 48 skill and DFO only goes to 40 at the moment). If you like getting in the thick of combat but still want to wield ranged weapons, the Ranger may be the class for you! Rangers use pistols as their weapon.

The Spitfire

The Spitfire is a grenade and bullet specialist, having access to multiple types of grenades such as flashbangs and freeze grenades and the ability to enchant his ammunition with elemental properties for increased effects. Spitfires can load up freezing ammunition, increase their ability to fire through multiple opponents, and even call in help from off screen snipers that turn your monitor into a virtual Duck Hunt! If you like using multiple types of elemental attacks and grenades, this is the class for you. Spitfires use many different types of guns, as they are not tied down to a single weapon.