Dungeon Fighter Online - The Fighter

Dungeon Fighter Online - The Fighter
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Playing a Fighter

The Fighter in DFO is the epitome of melee combat, toppling her opponents with superior speed, power, and vitality. As a Fighter you will have access to a wide variety of fast, melee range attacks and a range of grabs and throws, but you’ll have to be smack-dab in the thick of things to be able to get your job done. If you enjoy short-range but powerful combat and techniques, the Fighter is the class for you.

Getting started as a Fighter

Getting your fighter to level 18 for your class change shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as your speed and strength will go a long way at the early levels. Try to keep your weapon updated and around your level, and you could probably just use basic attacks to get the job done. However there are a few important skills to dump points into to make sure you get off to a good start.

To be honest, you can make it to your class change just spamming Suplex, which will be your bread and butter skill until later in the game. If you’d like other outlets for your excess skill points, you can try out the various close range attacks such as Hammer Kick or Low Kick, or Doppleganger for some protection. Nen Shot is a good idea if you’d like to add a long distance blast to your repertoire of skills.

Suplex is an up close grab and smash that deals large amounts of damage and is difficult to stop - this skill will make boss fights easy as you can just “warm them up” with a few melee attacks and then grab them.

The Fighter - Nen Master

If you were a fan of Ken or Ryu in the Street Fighter series, this is probably the class you’ll love. The Nen Master can shield herself from incoming damage, melee with the best of them, and can fire off “Hadoukens” at her opponents. With her combination of close range protective abilities and long range cannons and blasts, the Nen Master is great for those who want to hit and run and keep their foes guessing as to what’s coming next. If you like setting up situations where your foes don’t have any way to attack you while you pelt them from afar and nail them when they enter up close, this is the class for you!

The Fighter - Striker

If you were a fan of Chun-Li in the Street Fighter series, well this may be the choice for you. The striker is a pure offense no nonsense close combat fighter. You won’t have access to many magical or defensive skills at all, but you’ll be the best at pure speed and damage skills. Your combos will devastate complete waves of enemies and you’ll have access to a wide variety of spinning kicks and other martial arts guaranteed to clean up the competition!

The Fighter - Brawler

The Brawler is a master of combat but not in the traditional sense - She utilizes an “anything goes as long as I win” philosophy and doesn’t hesitate to employ all manner of dirty tricks into her fighting style. If you like poisoning, disabling, blinding your opponents with handfuls of sand, kicking them when they’re down, the the Brawler is the class for you. Not only will you have access to a powerful selection of melee skills, you’ll be using your unethical techniques to give yourself an unfair advantage in any encounter.

The Fighter - Grappler

Dungeon Fighter Online - Grab and Dash!

The Grappler is one of the most popular Fighter selections because of her incredibly powerful throws and grabs - No other class even comes close to this kind of close range power. If you like locking down your opponents with a series of hard hitting, unblockable holds and grabs that they have no chance to defend themselves against, this is your class. You’ll be able to do something no other class can do, and that’s essentially combo using grabs and throws right on top of one another, dealing heavy damage and keeping the opponent unable to respond to your assault.