Dungeon Fighter Online - The Mage

Dungeon Fighter Online - The Mage
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Playing a Mage in Dungeon Fighter Online

Do you like casting giant thunderstorms, magic missiles, fireballs, and summoning monsters? If so, the Mage class may be what you’re looking for. You’ll be a bit more frail than many of the other classes, but you’ll wield some of the strongest skills around.

Getting started as a Mage

Starting out as a Mage is fairly simple as opposed to some classes, but you’re going to have a little bit of trouble getting used to it if you expect to be getting hit - at all. The Mage is not designed to be touched at all in physical combat and as such, on your road to level 18 for your class change you’ll be focusing on high power skills keeping you far away from the thick of things.

To get to 18 the easiest way is probably to max your Magic Missile, Panzer Hodor, and Ancient Library skills. To be honest, you can get to your class change fairly easily with just those three skills, but you may want to add some points in Mana Shield or Provocation Doll :Shururu if you’re having trouble.

Magic missile works pretty much like it sounds - it’s a missile that shoots in a straight line, can hit multiple targets, and can be slightly controlled after you launch it by moving the keyboard (or gamepad, if you’re using one).

Panzer Hodor is a mean goblin summon who frankly can take on most enemies without your help. He starts off just throwing rocks and smacking things with his club, but as he levels he gains new abilities such as hurling bombs and throwing many rocks at once.

Ancient Library is a mana regeneration skill which will allow you to cast your other spells without having to waste too many mana consumables.

The Mage - Summoner

If you like controlling a massive army of minions, or just a few very strong ones, this is definitely the class for you. As a Summoner, you won’t be doing much of anything after you assemble your army except running around and maybe hiding in a corner as your army stomps everything on the screen. There are basically two types of summoners, ones who cast a large number of short-term summons and ones who cast a moderate number of long-term (about 2 minutes) summons. Both types are incredible at soloing, and this is the definitive choice for a player who wants to do everything alone.


The Mage - Witch

Do you like taking chances, rolling dice, spinning slot machine wheels? How about huge area of effects? If so, the Witch may be the class for you. The Witch has three possible outcomes on her spells, making them a gamble. They can fail, for reduced effect, they can be cast normally, or they can be a “super success” which gives a greatly enhanced version of the spell. Witches are known for their incredible lava pits and thunderstorms which can wipe out entire zones of opponents.

The Mage - Battle Mage

Perhaps the most aptly named class featured in Dungeon Fighter Online, the Battle Mage plays exactly as it sounds - this is a Mage that wants to get in close and brawl. With her magical spheres and proficiencies in pole and spear use, the battle mage is the opposite of the physically weak caster persona. Battle Mages are incredibly fast, combo and launch easily and can destroy enemies and players in a matter of seconds. If you’re a Mage who wants to get down and dirty with her opponents, this is the class for you.

The Mage - Elementalist

The Elementalist is as close as you get to a “traditional” fantasy Mage. With the power of the elements, Elementalists toss out frosty snowman heads, flaming jack-o-lanterns, lightning bolts and even black holes. Elementalists are long-range and area of effect combatants who dish out incredible amounts of damage in a short time, but maintain the common aspect of magery - they can’t take a hit. If you like nuking your opponents from far away with the powers of ice, fire, thunder, and gravity, this is the class for you!