Dungeon Fighter Online - The Priest

Dungeon Fighter Online - The Priest
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Playing the Priest

A lot of people think of a Priest as a healer and a support class. While that’s often true, in Dungeon Fighter Online nothing could be further from the truth. While you can choose to go support and healing later on in your Priest career, the majority of paths for this holy hero involve a heavy beatdown, as a slow-moving hulking melee class who can lay out (and take!) incredible hits.

Getting Started with your Priest

Getting to 18 as a priest is possibly the easiest of all the classes. You’ll be given a vast array of medium and close range grabs and melee attacks as well as the ability to boost your damage and even heal yourself. Priests can solo on group difficulties quite easily, but you’ll still want to focus on a few skills to help you on your way.

As a fledgling priest, you’ll want to focus on Slow Heal, Giant Weapon Launcher, and Smasher. The other skills are all very optional as these three skills alone should enable you to take on anything the game can throw at you until your class change.

Slow Heal is a rather obviously named skill that heals you or your friends over time. Slowly. It can save you plenty of those valuable health-restoring consumables, so use it often.

Giant Weapon Launcher sounds like some kind of Gunner skill, but it actually whips your weapon in front of you to your back, hitting all the targets in front of you and the ones in back of you. A great way to end a combo.

Smasher is a incredible grab that allows you to grab hold of an enemy and run him into his friends, inflicting heavy damage on the target and residual damage on anyone you happen to fling him at. Most of the early game bosses can be one or two shot with this skill with a few points in it, it hits incredibly hard.

The Priest - Crusader

Are you the guy who likes to play healers in MMORPG’s? The guy everyone is looking for and loves to have in their groups? The Crusader is focused on buffs, buffs, buffs, and more buffs. Add to this a wide range of healing options and a few offensive skills, and you have a recipe for the most sought after group class in the game. Of course, like any other class in DFO you’ll be able to solo as well, but you really should have some friends (or make them) to consider playing a Crusader as many of your class abilities are enhanced by group play. If you love healing, buffing, and divine judgment, this is the Priest for you!

The Priest - Monk

This style of Priest trades his weapon for enchanted fists of fury, and moves considerably faster than his heavily armored priest counterparts. His life and armor are still astronomical, and partnered with his speed and fast attacks, a Monk is an incredibly dangerous opponent. A Monk can combo into a grab with ease, and often kill or reduce and opponent to nothing in just a few seconds. If you like speed paired with style, this is the class for you!

The Priest - Exorcist


You may have noticed that the Priest only has 3 subclasses and the others all have 4. However, it is something made up for because there are two very different kinds of Exorcists - you can choose to focus on either magical or physical types of attacks. Either way, your opponents are in for a world of pain. Perhaps one of the most signature moves in the game, Exorcists can perform the “Star in the Sky”, a move that tosses your opponent off the screen in the air and slams them like a home-run out of the park as they come down. The damage from this move can kill an opponent in pvp in a single blow, and pve is no different. Exorcists are slow, but have by far some of the highest damage output of any class in the game. If you like being tough as nails with incredible damage output at the cost of some speed, this is the class for you!