Dungeon Fighter Online - The Slayer

Dungeon Fighter Online - The Slayer
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Playing a Slayer

A Slayer is a mid-range terror on the battlefield with an affinity for swords and a demon that living inside him. The Slayer is a heavily armored melee character with a long reach with his sword skills and abilities. If you like swords of any variety, be it slow swinging and hard hitting or swift slashing blades, this is the class for you.

Getting Started as a Slayer

Like with all other classes things are going to get very different when you hit level 18 so let’s focus on getting you there. Slayers are a bit harder to level up to your class change than some of the other base classes so you’ll need a good selection of skills to survive.

The skills you’re going to want to focus on are Ghost Slash, Upward Slash, Thrust, and Wheel Wave Slasher. As always, feel free to spend your extra points elsewhere, but keeping those skills maxed will make your life a lot easier.

Ghost Slash is a high cooldown, high mana cost devastating blow that deals a very high amount of damage to anything a good distance in front of you.

Upward Slash is a fast knockdown hit that you can combo easily into your other attacks.

Thrust allows you to modify your dash attack to hit multiple times, giving you a good amount of damage for a small amount of mana.

The Slayer - Berserker

This is a class for the guy who doesn’t mind hurting himself as long as he hurts his opponents more. The Berserker is your quintessential crazy melee-maniac class, at home bleeding his opponents and healing himself with his opponents health as he pays a heavy price of his own life to pump up his damage and attacks. If you like being in the center of combat, shredding opponents left and right with no regard to his own safety, this is the class for you!

The Slayer - Blade Master

Yep, this is the class that uses lightsabres. As a Blade Master, your focus is speed above all else - your combos and launches are ultra fast, and you can lock an opponent down or in the air and keep them there easily with your skills and swift strikes. Most foes won’t ever be able to get out of one of your flurries before they fall to your blade, and you’ll be flying across the field with your unparalleled velocity.

The Slayer - Soul Bender

The Soul Bender is sort of a caster-y type of Slayer, with some nasty summons at his command. If you enjoy raising undead souls to ruin your opponents and having access to darkness and moon attacks, this is the class for you! For the Soul Bender it’s all about giant crescent slashes that take up half the screen, and summons and skills calling upon unholy powers from beyond the grave!

DFO Slayer

The Slayer - Asura

Ahhh the legendary blind swordsman. This dark warrior controls the evil powers of the elements, and can unleash torrential ice and fire attacks to do damage across entire screens as well as having speed and power. In this video you can check out an Asura (NPC controlled, but the same moves) as he works his way through Puppet Museum - Video. If that doesn’t make you want to play one, you may want to reconsider playing a Slayer at all! The Asura combines swordplay with magical prowess and proves that sight isn’t everything!