Dragon Nest Archer Guide for Beginners

Dragon Nest Archer Guide for Beginners
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True Arim for True Archers

One of the three out of the four available character classes in Nexon’s newest MMO is an Archer; a fast-shooting, long-range projectile specialist. The one thing that makes the Archer in Dragon Nest different from rangers/rangers/scouts in other MMOs it that in Dragon Nest fast-paced combination, long-range quick-shots and powerful combos are the kind of techniques that allow the Archer to reign supreme in combat.

Find out more about the skills, attributes, techniques and abilities in this Dragon Nest Archer guide.

Limited but Powerful Combinations

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Unlike some of the other classes in Dragon Nest, the Archer is strictly a long-range projectile specialist. That’s it. There are some moderate up-close, melee combinations that can be executed that results in quick knockdowns or pushing enemies back, but for the most part when you’re playing as an Archer you rely entirely on keeping enemies at a distance and dispatching them before they get too close.

Unlike the Warrior and the Cleric, the Archer’s dodging abilities are also varied more-so to quick-movements that work as tactical elements for putting the Archer in a better position (or avoiding a fast moving attack). There’s hardly any need to readjust the position of the Archer after dodging an attack, making this character class nearly pitch-perfect for continued rapid-fire attacks against enemies of all kind.

The only real variance in play-style is potentially with the bow and arrow versus the crossbow and bolts. Ultimately, the difference between the two usually boils down to a cosmetic change and a slight tweak in the ending combo between the two weapons. The bow and arrow shoots slightly slower but finishes every three shots with a multi-target shot which can help out quite a bit against vicious mobs. The crossbow has more of a consistent barrage of straight shooting projectiles, but again, the difference between the two weapon styles mostly boils down to cosmetic differences.

Archer Skills and Abilities

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Level 1 – Twin Shot: A basic double-shot skill attack that hits a single target twice with a magic arrow. Also works on knocked down enemies. Leveling this skill will increase its effective damage.

Level 1 – Piercing Shot: A powerful skill that pierces through multiple enemies. This skill does massive damage and is essential for anyone looking to build a high-DPS character.

Level 1 – Spin Kick: A kick that keeps enemies at bay and has a fairly large effective range on it. This skill is good for combo follow-ups or for ensuring that mobs don’t get too close.

Level 1 – Low Spin Kick: Attacks enemies who are knocked down. Unlike the Cleric, this attack cannot be used in rapid succession for additional damage.

Level 1 – Tumble: A quick tap of the directional pad will move your character in the appropriated direction, avoiding or dodging an incoming attack.

Level 5 – Moon Kick: A jumping kick attack that can both knock enemies down or briefly pop some enemies into the air.

Level 5 – Willow Kick: An upside spinning combo kick that wheel-barrows through enemies, similar to Chun-Li’s infamous upside spinning kick combination.

Level 5 – Multi-shot: Targets multiple enemies and blasts them with a high-powered arrow attack. This skill works for multiple mobs whether they’re standing or lying on the ground.

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Level 5 – Pinwheel: While knocked down, this attack can be used to quickly resurface to your feet, knocking back (or knocking down) any nearby enemies. An essential skill for any player.

Level 6 – Somersault Kick: A spinning kick much like the one Law uses from the Tekken series. This skill is a good lead-in combo attack – knocking enemies down and then peppering them with arrow attacks – or can be used as an alternative counter-attack for rapid advancing mobs.

Level 8 – High Spin Kick: Requires Willow Kick level 2. This skill combines with the Low Spin Kick to create a combination attack that starts low and ends high, attacking downed-enemies twice. This is a great skill to have to create an additional lead-in attack with other arrow skills such as Multi-Shot or Twin Shot.

Level 9 – Magic Arrow: An AOE attack that can be used at long range. This skill creates a small explosion upon impact, which is great for clearing out mobs at a distance.

Level 10 – Power Tumble: An extra powerful version of Tumble, enabling even paralyzed characters to get out of the way of additional attacks. This is skill is indispensable for higher level dungeons and mobs.

High-Level Archer Skills and Abilities

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Level 12 – Wisdom Of The Owl: A brief character buff that increases Critical Hit chance, initially, by up to 200%. A useful skill to use against hard-hitting mobs or bosses.

Level 16 – Aerial Evasion: A counter-evasive move that enables players to dodge out of the way of additional attacks after getting popped into the air. This skill is equivalent to air recoveries oftentimes used in fighting games, such as the King of Fighters, to prevent additional air juggle combos.

Level 20 – Mental Fortitude: Increases max additional MP by an initial 3%. Each time this skill is leveled the max MP goes up by 1%.

Level 20 – Health Booster: Increases HP by an initial 3%. Each level for this skill increases HP by 1%.

Level 30 – Attuned Mind: Requires Mental Fortitude Level 2. Increases MP recovery rate by 3%…a skill that is absolutely essential to have for builds with high-MP consumption.

Level 35 – Fury Of The Owl: A team buff that increases all nearby allies (including the player character) with a 600% increase for a Critical Hit chance for up to 10 seconds. This is the skill to have when dungeon raiding, allowing for party members to wipe out mobs with absolute ease.

Hopefully this guide helped you figure out how you plan to build your Archer in the game. You can find more character class guides for Dragon Nest right here at Bright Hub.


  • All images are from Dragon Nest
  • Information gained from in-game experience.

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