Dragon Nest Beta and Preview Information

Dragon Nest Beta and Preview Information
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What Is Dragon Nest?

Dragon Nest is a new free to play MMO coming to America under the command of Nexon America, publishers of other free to play MMOs like Maplestory, Mabinogi, and Dungeon Fighter Online. Dragon Nest, unlike their hit Maplestory, is a three-dimensional free-movement RPG similar to games like World of Warcraft. The Controls are similar to WoW, with the WASD keys used for movement and various surrounding buttons for commands and attacks. Combat is more fluid and dynamic, however, with Nexon calling it “More FPS than MMO.”

The Graphics are also similar to WoW or Warcraft 3, with a somewhat cartoonish graphic aesthetic. Don’t be fooled, though, as the graphics engine has plenty of depth. To save on processing power, both long distances and extreme closeups are blurred, leaving the focus on the immediate area of the player. Not to mention an active day/night cycle in the game, complete with changing weather, allows your dungeon experience to be different every time.

Leveling in the progress of Dragon Nest happens quickly. You gain significant EXP from quests, but also from random monsters and grinding on dungeons of higher level. The level cap is 40, for the moment, at w hich point you can run endgame content and hunt down the weapons you need to make your play the best it can be. You get bonus experience for running dungeons in quest chains, and even more bonus experience for playing with a party, making solo play somewhat discouraged. Make friends and have fun!

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Dragon Nest Beta Information

Dragon Nest will be published in America by Nexon America, and they’re currently taking applications to the closed Beta. Click here to go to the Dragon Nest website and click the beta button in the top left. You’ll be prompted to use your Nexon Passport to sign in (or to create one) and, upon signing in, fill out a form.

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The form asks for the usual information for a Nexon beta: Name and gender, computer specs, and gaming history. They also ask you where you heard of Dragon Nest. Don’t worry if your system isn’t up to par; they take all levels of technology to better test the game. Nexon plans to release the game some time in 2011, and it should be coming out soon.

In the mean time, have a look at the image gallery above for a bunch of artwork for the classes. Is that not enough to satisfy your curiosity for Dragon Nest? Have a look at some of these videos. First off, check out the Gametrailers promo of the combat. Or if you want more, check out a more general party combat trailer.