Dragon Nest Warrior Guide: Knock'em to the Moon!

Dragon Nest Warrior Guide: Knock'em to the Moon!
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A Nest Of Arcade Action

Nexon’s newest MMO is an extremely fast-paced, arcade-style 3D RPG called Dragon Nest. The game has been touted by the company as their “next big thing” and while it definitely lacks the visual polish, the sleek animations and the finishing moves found in the well regarded and remarkably sexy Vindictus, Dragon Nest does manage to offer appealing visuals atop fast-paced arcade action.

For those of you looking for a little help with the Warrior class, and perhaps a few hints and tips on which route to take when building a prime-time fighter, this Dragon Nest Warrior guide will point you in the right direction.

The Many Play-Styles Of The Warrior

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Playing as the Warrior in Dragon Nest doesn’t mean you’re limited to standard hack-and-slash button mashing from the start until end-game. There’s actually some measure of skill and technique involved with playing as the Warrior in the game and that enables players to do things like focus on stun attacks, air juggles, standard combos or ground based attacks.

Warriors can use three different types of weapons including axes, hammers and swords. Each weapon has a different kind of combination attached to it, which means that players can further differentiate their style based on the skills they have and the weapons they use.

Take note that players who focus on air juggle attacks will deal a massive amount of damage and will be able to crowd-control multiple foes by keeping them subdued in the air. However, air juggling usually requires skills and attacks that will leave you open and will make it difficult to re-assume air combos if you are attacked or you roll to avoid being attacked.

Ground combinations are the safest to execute but are difficult to use to attack multiple opponents who aren’t directly in front of you, which means that you’ll need to keep an eye on your sides when focusing on ground based sword attacks, or have another player watch your back for sneak attacks.

The Skills And Abilities Of The Warrior

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Level 1 – Impact Punch: An upgradeable skill that lifts enemies into the air. At higher levels this skill inflicts more damage, making it both a viable way to air juggle enemies and inflict damage.

Level 1 – Heavy Slash: A standard heavy attack that does an initial 155% of damage with massive increases of damage inflicted per each level up. If you plan on being a ground-based heavy-hitter, this is a good skill to rank up.

Level 1 – Tumble: A standard roll-and-dodge skill that has a quick cool down and enables you to quickly move out of the way of an enemy’s attack. You can’t upgrade this skill but it’s necessary to use when you’re out-numbered or fighting a boss.

Level 1 – Elbow Drop: This skill can only be used when an opponent is dazed on the ground. Use this skill immediately after doing an air juggle to inflict additional damage on a downed opponent.

Level 1 – Side Kick: A basic stun attack that knocks enemies back directly in line with the attack. You can’t upgrade this skill but it’s essential for setting up combos, preparing for a high-impact move or creating distance between you and multiple opponents. Pressing the “Side Kick” button while an opponent is down will result in an Elbow Drop instead.

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Level 5 – Rising Slash: A dual-attack skill that shoulder charges enemies within the direct line of the attack and then follows-up with a rising slash attack that pops enemies in the air. This is an essential skill for building an air juggle Warrior, as you can alternate between this skill and Impact Punch to continuously keep mobs up in the air, even when they’re knocked down on the ground.

Level 5 – Impact Wave: This skill sends a shockwave through the ground, initially for up to four meters. This skill can be used on downed opponents as well as in combination with air juggles, usually as a finishing maneuver when opponents are too far away to continue the combo.

Level 5 – Dropkick: This aerial skill knocks back enemies as well as pops them in the air for a brief period of time. It’s difficult to chain a combo when playing solo with this skill, however when in a party this skill is perfect for setting up teammates to continue an air juggle after using Dropkick.

Level 5 – Surprise Attack: After getting knocked down, players can rapidly tap their attack buttons to hop back up to their feet using a surprise attack that damages and pushes nearby enemies away. This is just an essential skill to have in both PvE and PvP.

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Level 6 – Soccer Kick: When an enemy is stunned this skill can be used to launch them away at a distance. You can’t upgrade this skill but it is useful when playing solo and you find yourself being swarmed by tough mobs.

Level 8 – Sweeping Kick: Requires level 1 Dropkick to obtain. This skill is a follow-up combo attack that is used in conjunction with Side Kick. This sweeping roundhouse kick will clear out enemies around you and push them back.

Level 9 – Destructive Swing: Does an initial 164% of damage at level 1 and attacks multiple opponents within the sweeping area in front of you, knocking them down or doing damage to knocked down opponents.

Level 10 – Dash: A simple dash skill that allows the player to run faster in the desired direction by double tapping the direction key. At higher levels this skill requires less MP and boosts the player’s speed slightly.

Level 12 – Dashing Kick: A rolling kick that works in conjunction with the Dash skill. This skill can also be used to start a small air juggle combination if combined with Impact Punch or Rising Slash.

Level 17 – Aerial Evasion: An aerial recovery move that allows players to prevent themselves from falling hard to the ground by recovering mid-air and pressing the jump button.

Level 20 – Mental Fortitude: Raises the maximum amount of MP per each level grade, with an initial 3% boost.

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Level 20 – Health Booster: Raises the maximum amount of HP per each level grade, with an initial 3% boost.

Level 30 – Attuned Mind: Requires Level 2 Mental Fortitude. This skill increases the recovery rate of MP at an initial 3% per every minute. This skill will be useful for anyone who decides to build an air-juggle class due to the amount of MP that will be consumed.

Level 30 – Brush Off: Perfect for tank builds, this skill brushes off all incoming debuffs.

Level 35 – Lifesaver: A useful team skill that ensures that all team members’ HP doesn’t fall below 15.

Hopefully this beginner guide helped get you set in the right direction for building your Warrior in Dragon Nest. You can find more character class guides for popular MMOs right here at Bright Hub.


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