Diablo 2 Pandemonium Event: The Uber Bosses of Diablo 2: Uber Baal

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In Diablo 2’s Pandemonium Event all the bosses that you get to meet and greet in the course of your normal journey through the games are brought back. They are brought back tougher and meaner than ever too. You’ll need to know what to do to stand a chance against these Uber bosses of Diablo 2.

Uber Baal is one of the three Bosses you will find in Uber Tristam in the final end game of the Pandemonium Event. Uber Baal will have a much higher damage rate, hit point, and resistances than the one that you will see in the end of Act Five the first time through. However, other than being supercharged in the same skills he had in Act Five, he has no other new spells. Uber Baal will be able to regenerate his life at twice what the normal health regeneration is normally. If he spawns a duplicate you will be able to tell which is which as the spawns health will go down much faster than the real Uber Baal.

Uber Baal Stats

Level 110

Experience 10,336,000

Hit Points 650,000-660,000

Defense 3150

Chance to Block 55%

Physical Resistance 50%

Magical Resistance 75%

Fire Resistance 75%

Cold Resistance 110%

Lightning Resistance 75%

Poison Resistance 75%

Cold Immunity

Drain Effectiveness 20

Chill Effectiveness 15

Melee Attack 1 Damage 429-494

Melee Attack 1 Attack Rating 16,330

Melee Attack 2 Damage 214-312

Melee Attack 2 Attack Rating 16,330

Uber Baal Skills

Chilling Armor

Defense Curse (cuts defense by 95%)


Blood Mana (where you’ll damage yourself as you use spell mana)

Incineration Nova (explosion of hellfire)

Hoarfrost (icy wedges that will force you backwards)

Vile Effigy (duplication)

Festering Appendage (tentacles)

Destructive Strike can be enhanced with Fire (+120-200% Fire damage) or Cold (+120-160% Cold damage).

Mana Rift (takes away a full half of your mana)

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