Diablo 2 Pandemonium Event: The Uber Bosses of Diablo 2 - Uber Andariel (Lilith)

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In Diablo 2’s Pandemonium Event all the bosses that you get to meet and greet in the course of your normal journey through the games are brought back. They are brought back tougher and meaner than ever too. You’ll need to know what to do to stand a chance against these Uber bosses of Diablo 2.

Uber Andariel is also known as Lilith. You’ll find her in the Matron’s Den and you’ll realize that she is a pain as soon as you come in contact with her. She has higher damage, higher hit points, and even more tricks up her sleeve than the original Andariel. She will drop Diablo’s Horn. You’ll need Diablo’s Horn to use in the Horadric Cube with Baal’s Eye and Mephisto’s Brain in Hell Act Five so that you can get the red portal to go to Uber Tristam and fight the three Uber Bosses for the Hellfire Torch Charm and the Standard of Heroes (a victory token to keep to show off that you have defeated them).

Before you go to fight her, take plenty of antidote potions so that you can fight against her poison attacks, and remember, you’ll only find her on Hell difficulty.

Hellfire Torch Charm

+3 to a random class-skill

10-20% Resist All

+10-20 to All Attributes

Light Radius +8

25% Chance to cast level 10 Diablo’s Firestorm on striking

Charged Skill: Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)

Lilith’s Stats

Level 110

Experience 2,387,200

Hit Points 650,000-660,000

Defense 2310

Chance to Block: 40%

Physical Resistance 30%

Magical Resistance 75%

Fire Resistance 75%

Cold Resistance 75%

Lightning Resistance 75%

Poison Resistance 110%

Poison Immunity

Drain Effectiveness 33

Chill Effectiveness 0

Melee Attack 1 Damage 520-572

Melee Attack 1 Attack Rating 30,700

Melee Attack 2 Damage 520-572

Melee Attack 2 Attack Rating 30,700

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