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Introduction to Act III

The jungle city of Kurast sets the scene for Act III of Diablo 2. In this act, the player has to navigate their way through six more quests, in their search for the Durance of Hate. This third act also culminates in a showdown with the first of the Prime Evils: Mephisto.

Your character should be around 20th level when they commence Act III of the game.

The quests in Act III of Diablo are similar to those in Act I, in that most are not mandatory, and so do not require to be completed in order to progress in the game; although players playing the game as a solo character will need to complete the third quest – Khalim’s Will – and the fifth quest, The Blackened Temple. They can, however, be taken on to gain experience and equipment with which to improve a player’s character in the game.

The six quests in Act III take place in the jungles and swamps which surround the city of Kurast. The quests are as follows:

Act III Quest One: The Golden Bird

This first quest isn’t given by any of the NPCs in the city, but is activated one you find and defeat the first unique monster in the act – as Diablo II randomly generates each game, this could be anywhere! This first unique monster will drop a Jade Figurine, which is the quest trigger.

When you find the Jade Figurine, head back to Kurast and show the figurine to Cain, then to Meshif. In return, Meshif will give you the Golden Bird, which you then take to the alchemist, Alkor. Alkor will tell you to come back later once he is done making a potion. You don’t have to leave, however; simply click on him a second time to receive a potion of +20 permanent life.

Act III Quest Two: The Blade of the Old Religion

You’ll receive the second quest either by completing the Golden Bird quest, or once you’ve entered the Flayer Jungle. This quest is given by Ormus and involves the character finding an ancient Skatsimi Blade known as the Gidbinn, which will strengthen an enchantment placed around the city to ward off the hordes of monsters.

You’ll find the Gidbinn artefact in a side area somewhere in the Flayer Jungle. These side areas are marked by a stone pillar on either side of the entrance, and contain the entrances to the dungeon areas as well as the Act waypoints and tribal villages.

The Gidbinn is found in the same side area as the entrance to the Flayer dungeon. Look for a small statue here and once clicked, it will burst into flames. As it does so, a boss will spawn into the area. Kill the boss monster to retrieve the artefact and return to Ormus.

Ormus’ reward will be to give you a random magical ring.

Act III Quest Three: Khalim’s Will

This is the longest quest of Act III and is a requirement for any solo players. The quest is given by Cain and is available upon completing the Golden Bird quest, or once you have entered the Great Marsh area.

The Khalim’s Will quest involves the recovery of four artefacts which when transmuted together using the Horadric Cube will create the item known as Khalim’s Will. This item is then used to smash the Compelling Orb which is found later in the Act and is the entrance to the Durance of Hate.

The four artefacts and their locations are detailed as follows:

  • Khalim’s Eye: This is found in a golden chest in the Spider Cavern, located below the Spider Forest.
  • Khalims’ Heart: You’ll find this artefact in a golden chest somewhere on level three of the Flayer dungeon, which can be found in the Flayer Jungle.
  • Khalim’s Brain: This can be found in a golden chest somewhere in the second level of the sewers, beneath either Kurast or Lower Kurast.
  • Khalim’s Flail: The hardest to recover; you’ll find this artefact as part of a loot drop from one of the High Council members in Travincal.

It is recommended to begin your search for the artefacts in the Spider Forest to save time, as in most games there is normally a link between here and the Flayer Jungle; otherwise you will have to travel across the Great Marsh which does not contain any of the artefacts required.

Act III Quest Four: Lam Esen’s Tome

The fourth quest of the act is given by Alkor and is triggered upon completion of the second quest, or once the character has entered the Ruined Temple.

The quest centres on the recovery of an ancient book belonging to a sage named Lam Esen. The book is purported to hold valuable information about how to combat the evil which is engulfing the land. Of course, whether you recover the book or not is optional as it has no end bearing on the game, but the reward for doing so is well worthwhile – it should be, as the quest is very dangerous.

When you receive the quest the game will tell you to look in the temples found below Lower Kurast, the Kurast Bazaar and in Upper Kurast. However, the tome is always to be found in the Kurast Bazaar in the Ruined Temple there. Make sure you get the correct temple, however, as there are two ruined temples in the Bazaar – the other is called the Disused Fane.

Inside the Ruined Temple, you’ll face a Super Unique monster which is guarding the tome, known as Sarina the Battlemaid. You will also face at least one more random boss monster and there will also be a lot of other beasts in the area. Be careful in here, and the other temple areas too, as due to their small size it is very easy to be overwhelmed and die.

You don’t need to do any of the other temple areas, other than for experience points and/or loot, but they are very dangerous areas. Make sure you have plenty of healing potions; you may get swarmed by monsters as soon as you enter the level, so immediately bashing your belt hot-keys to stay alive could be a good move.

Once you have recovered Lam Esen’s tome, return it to Alkor to be rewarded five stat points.

Act III – Quest Five: The Blackened Temple

By now, you’ll be coming towards the end of the act and the fifth quest, The Blackened Temple, is triggered upon completion of the preceding quest, or once your character has entered the Kurast Causeway and is given by Ormus.

To complete the quest you need to smash the Compelling Orb with Khalim’s Will (see Quest Three), and you’ll find one of the items which make up Khalim’s Will in Travincal. The item - Khalim’s Flail - can be found in a drop from one of the three Zakarum High Council members, who you will encounter.

The three High Council members – Ismail Vilehand, Geleb Flamefinger and Toorc Ironfist, are powerful boss monsters. They have the ability to summon Hydras and can also rengenerate health so be ready for some tough fighting. Use the terrain around Travincal to your advantage – Travincal’s layout never changes - as there are some areas which you can use which cannot be reached by the Council Members, allowing you to take them down with ranged weapons – they will, however, raise Hydras to try and shoot you down.

Once you find Khalim’s Flail, you can use the Horadric Cube to turn the four artefacts into Khalim’s Will and then smash the Compelling Orb.

There is no reward for completing the quest, but it must be done in order to progress to the Durance of Hate and a showdown with Mephisto.

Act III Quest Six: The Guardian

The final chapter of Act III and your chance to take on Mephisto comes ever nearer. This quest is given by Ormus asnd is triggered once you have smashed the Compelling Orb or upon entering the Durance of Hate.

Mephisto is found on the third level of the Durance of Hate and you need to kill him in order to access the Hell Gate, the portal to Act IV and Diablo himself. There is no prerequisite to the quest; just fight your way to Mephisto and the portal.

The portal is visible and situated in the middle of a lake of blood – it cannot be reached by teleports or barbarian leap attacks so the only way to reach it is to best Mephisto. Mephisto is a cold-based monster, so a high cold resistance is desirable when you come to fight him.

Beware of the remaining three High Council members – Bremm Sparkfist, Wyand Voidfinger and Maffer Dragonhand. Like their brethren in Travincal, they are powerful boss monsters but Bremm Sparkfist is perhaps the most powerful of the three as he has a collection of minions to battle alongside.

When you kill Mephisto, a bridge made of skeleton bones will rise from the blood lake, allowing you to access the portal and Act IV. There is no other reward for this quest, but loot drops from the Council Members and Mephisto are usually good.

Act IV will take your player into the depths of Hell and a showdown with Diablo himself.

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