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    • What's the D20 System?
      The D20 system is not the name of a galaxy (as far as I know...). It is a set of rules and guidelines used by publishers of role-playing content. It covers a certain amount of content and mechanics that you can legally use in your publishing, royalty free!
    • Where Can I Find a Star Wars RPG Character Generator?
      Do you find yourself cringing at the idea of creating a character from scratch? Too many variables and details to worry about, and you're afraid you'll miss one, or spend so much time in creation, that your actual play time will be too short? Perhaps you need a Star Wars RPG Character Generator.
    • Where Can I Find Star Wars D20 Character Sheets
      As with any other pen and paper role-playing game, If you're looking to play Star Wars D20, character sheets are a must!
    • Looking for a Star Trek RPG?
      Star Trek enjoyed a stead fast following in its various tv series, movies and in role-playing games. This article is a brief over view of Star Trek RPGs over the years.
    • A History of Star Wars RPGs
      It's not uncommon for a sci/fi movie or TV show to develop a following in the gamer communities, it's only natural that some of these phenomenon spawn RPGs.
    • What is D20 Mondern, and where can I find a d20 modern character generator?
      Have you been playing role-playing games for a while, and just gotten sick of having to ride horses, and carry a tinderbox? Ever wish your character could just order a pizza instead of having to roll a skill check to snare a rabbit? Maybe you've been playing the wrong RPG...
    • What Content is Included in the SRD, and What Does That Mean?
      If you're thinking about creating a gaming system along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons, you're going to need to understand the terms of the Open Gaming License, and the System Reference Document.