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What is D20 Mondern, and where can I find a d20 modern character generator?

by: Matt Conlon ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Have you been playing role-playing games for a while, and just gotten sick of having to ride horses, and carry a tinderbox? Ever wish your character could just order a pizza instead of having to roll a skill check to snare a rabbit? Maybe you've been playing the wrong RPG...

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    What is D20 Modern?

    cover Imagine a world like this one, with buildings and buses and airports and subways. Multi-million dollar deals and dream houses in the suburbs. Casual rides on weekends through the country side. Vacations at the lake house. These are events that might happen in a D20 modern setting, just like they might happen in your real life.

    Have you ever thought your boss was really a monster in disguise? Or perhaps your brother had been kidnapped and impersonated by a diabolical psion, bent on destroying your family? I know, who hasn't, right? Well, these are also things that might happen in D20 Modern!

    D20 modern is role-playing game, much like Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthulhu. It's was published in 2002 by Wizards of the Coast, based on the D20 system.

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    D20 Modern Sample Campaign Settings

    Wizards of the Coast provides three sample campaign settings.

    Agents of Psi - In this campaign a government agency called PSI. In the setting, the Game Master can choose to have the agency be investigating the use of psionics, or perhaps doing other governmental things, while using psionics. The major hook to Agents of Psi is that Magic does not exist.

    Shadow Chasers - Hidden among the humans in plain view are creatures from another dimension. Ogres and bugbears all disguised as regular people. obviously, either you'll have to change the physical descriptions of the actual creatures themselves, or really have your players suspend disbelief. But somehow, Ogres manage to look like, really big and brawny humans.

    Urban Arcana - This setting is a little of both of the previous two settings. In Urban Arcana, there are bugbears, dragons, ogres, and such, and humans of course. Because the human psyche just isn't capable of dealing with the existence of such things, it just omits them, or chooses to believe it's really something else. Some folks become aware though, sort of like Neo in the Matrix, and take it upon themselves to defend the ignorant.

    There are other settings as well, and of course armed with the core rulebook and an imagination, a GM could construct his or her own fairly easily.

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    I'm In, Create Me a Character!

    As with any other role-playing game, a player cannot play a role without a character, and fortunately, as with all Wizards of the Coast role-playing games, the official D20 Modern Character Sheets are available for download.

    For those of who you perhaps don't like to adhere to the standard way of doing things, or just plain can't read your own writing, A D20 Modern Character Generator might be just what you're looking for.

    Pathguy has come through again as he did in the past. Here's a D20 modern character generator by Pathguy, complete with all the assorted bells and whistles.

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    As Always

    Do you have some experiences you'd like to share about your last D20 modern game, or perhaps have a favorite D20 Modernd20 character generator you'd like others to try? Post a comment!

    For more information on D20 Modern and its assorted campaign settings, view its entry in Wikipedia.