Should I Use a Star Wars RPG Character Generator?

Should I Use a Star Wars RPG Character Generator?
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Character Creation Woes

The Star Wars franchise has enjoyed a healthy history of role-playing games spanning several gaming rule systems. Obviously with this Role-playing game, in order to play, a player is going to have to create a character.

Character creation differs from one edition to another, and each time there is a litany of variables involved. The player has to generator character ability scores, calculate skill points, or allocate slots, choose equipment, choose feats, choose languages spoken, keep track of racial abilities and traits, record general character notes… Without focused attention to detail, it’s easy to miscalculate or accidentally omit a number or value that will be crucial at some point during game play.

A player could spend a vast amount of time meticulously going over every aspect of the character sheet and the character creation rules in the source books, but this investment of time could impact the amount of time that’s left to actually play. If you find yourself overwhelmed or simply inconvenienced by these factors, consider utilizing a Star Wars RPG Character Generator.

For more information on the history of the Star Wars franchise role-playing games, read my article “A History of Star Wars RPGs”.

Star Wars RPG Character Generators

Using Star Wars RPG character generators can eliminate the stress associated with character creation.

This Star Wars RPG character generator from covers all the bases, although the information seems a bit jumbled on the screen. While this might seem a little overwhelming to look at, if you go through it methodically, line by line, you will not only get your character created effectively, but you’ll be able to better understand exactly where the anxiety of character creation comes from. The amount of data shown on this character created definitely underscores the sheet number of variables that goes into creating your character!


The Roleplaying Assistant 7.13c is a character generator that is not only compatible with Star Wars D20, but a host of other role-playing games as well. This is not a web-based program like the Pathguy’s, but a stand alone installed program that you can take with you and use when you don’t have an internet connection available.

The Roleplaying Assistant not only offers character generation, but fractal mapping, die rolling and party generation capabilities as well. Another feature is that a player is able to export his or her character to a file that can be emailed to someone, the GM for example, who can then open the character as well.

Your Turn

Have you used a Star Wars RPG character generator and want to share your experience? Do you know of a Star Wars RPG character generator other than the two I mentioned that you think works better? Please post any feedback on this article in the comments section below.

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