Overview of Star Trek RPGs and FASA Star Trek RPG

Overview of Star Trek RPGs and FASA Star Trek RPG
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Star Trek The Show

Star Trek: The Original Series debuted in 1966 and quickly developed a dedicated following. The show only ran for three seasons, but it was followed by Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. There were also major motion pictures, an animated series, and playing card games based on Star Trek.

Star Trek was also a favorite show among many role players. Star Trek was a fictional setting with fantastic ideas and events based in a fictional world. Each episode included a group of people working toward a common goal against certain odds, much like in a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign.

It was only natural for the franchise to spawn a Star Trek RPG eventually.

Star Trek RPGs

The first Star Trek RPG was called “Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier. It was published by Heritage Models in 1978. The next Star Trek RPGs were published in 1982 including perhaps one of the most infamous, the FASA Star Trek RPG. This Star Trek RPG was published around five years prior to Star Trek: The Next Generation airing for the first time, in a time which there was no real official documentation or informational material that defined the Star Trek universe, or canon.

FASA created their Star Trek RPG with certain aspects that Star Trek fans, even some non-role players accepted as “canon” and many fans were disappointed and confused when Star Trek: The Next Generation aired and seemed to include things that contradicted aspects established in the FASA Star Trek RPG.

In 1989, Paramount Pictures revoked FASA’s license to produce the official Star Trek RPG. Die hard FASA Star Trek RPG fans wrote letters to Paramount Pictures as well as magazines asking Paramount Pictures to reissue the license to FASA. However, it did not work.

D20 Star Trek RPG


In addition to the two systems mentioned above, there were also many others that came and went. The FASA Star Trek RPG was based on percentile, which means that success of an action would be determined by rolling two d10s and comparing it to a set value.

These days, one of the most popular gaming systems is the D20 system by Wizards of the Coast, made popular by the Open Gaming License and the System Reference Document. This system allows for multiple gaming systems and settings to be compatible with one another.

This is a D20 based Star Trek RPG. The page itself seems to be still coming together or still under construction in a few places, but if the idea of a D20 based Star Trek RPG appeals to you, I recommend checking back there often.

For those of you who prefer the idea of Star Trek RPGs in a more old format, check out this site.