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The Vehicles of Crackdown 2

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Getting around Pacific City is best with a car, and there are many in Crackdown 2. This list covers all of the vehicles that you can drive in the game.

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    Crackdown 2 Vehicle List

    Crackdown 2 includes many vehicles that you can drive through crowds of Freaks, Cell terrorists and even innocent civilians. Although you are pretty fast on foot, what with your ability to leap 40 feet into the air by the end of the game, driving is usually the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Some of the cars have important abilities, as well.

    With that in mind, let’s take a look at Crackdown 2’s vehicles. We’ll look at the Agency vehicles by name. The civilian vehicles don’t have in-game names, so we’ll just use general terms.

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    Agency Vehicles

    Crackdown 2 Vehicle Guide Agency Cruiser: This is the basic Agency vehicle that Peacekeepers drive around the city. It is also the first vehicle you personally have access to. It is essentially a run-of-the-mill car with flashing lights and a siren, but it isn’t terrible. It is certainly much faster than most of the civilian cars in the game.

    Agency Buggy: Unlocked at the second level of driving skill, the Buggy is a fast and maneuverable vehicle with a huge mini-gun attached to the top. The mini-gun can be aimed and fired while you are at speed. The downside is that the Buggy is not very durable.

    Agency Supercar: Unlocked at the third level of driving skill, the Supercar is an incredibly fast unarmed vehicle that is well suited for completing road races and chasing down driving orbs. The Supercar has the ability to scoop other cars off the road if it is moving quickly and is also very durable.

    Agency SUV: Unlocked at the fourth level of driving skill, the SUV is a crazy monster-truck. While the Supercar can slip under other vehicles, the SUV can drive over them. The SUV’s has the ability to jump in the air, and it also can stick to vertical surfaces for a limited period of time. You’ll need to use this ability to complete some Stunt Ring challenges.

    Agency Tank: Unlocked at the fifth level of driving skill, the Tank is a big armored vehicle equipped with a rocket launcher (although it looks more like a cannon). It is able to plow through most traffic and the rocket launcher will quickly destroy vehicles. The Tank isn’t as well armored as you’d think, however, so you need to be careful not to get pinned down.

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    Cell Vehicles

    Crackdown 2 Vehicle List General Pursuit Cars: Cell has a number of sports cars that they drive around in. These cars are generally about as fast and maneuverable as the Agency Cruiser.

    Attack Cars: In some of the tougher areas of town you’ll run into Cell sports cars with guns attached. These cars only have one Cell terrorist inside (the driver) and he does not get out of the vehicle. These cars can cause you a lot of pain, and you can cause a lot of pain with them if you steal one.

    General Trucks: Some Cell members drive big trucks, from pickups to huge vehicles that look like converted fire trucks. These big trucks can plow through traffic, but otherwise they’re slow and they usually are destroyed quickly because they’re such big targets.

    Attack Trucks: A few of the trucks in the game are armed with machine gun turrets. These turrets, like the turrets that are fixed in static positions, can be massively deadly. Once you kill the gunner, however, you can steal the turret and use it yourself.

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    Civilian Cars

    There is a limited selection of civilian vehicles in Crackdown 2 include vans, wagons and sedans. There is very little to say about these cars. Although visually different, they are also extremely slow and rather difficult to drive.

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    Crackdown 2’s vehicles can be a great boon, and hopefully this guide will help you learn how to use them.

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