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Crackdown 2 Achievements: Beating Up Zombies for Gamerpoints

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

As an open world game with plenty of crazy stunts to pull, Crackdown 2 is great game for earning achievements. In this guide you will find a list of every achievement in the game and the gamerpoints associated with it.

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    Crackdown 2 Achievement Guide

    Crackdown 2 is one of those games that gains a lot from achievements and is one of the best summer games for the Xbox 360. There are all sorts of crazy things you can do in Crackdown 2, and many of them lead to equally crazy achievements.

    Below is a list of all the achievements in Crackdown 2 and a brief explanation. I’ve tried to categorize them in a way that makes sense.

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    Objective Achievements

    Crackdown 2 Achievement List These achievements are gained by completing objectives that are part of the game’s campaign.

    • First Hurdle (20G) – This achievement is earned when you “Survive Agent Diagnostics” – essentially, a tutorial achievement.
    • Get Connected (20G) – Earned by locating and activating an Absorption Unit.
    • Plugged In (50G) – Earned by locating and activating every Absorption Unit
    • Big Bang (20G) – Earned when you complete the detonation of the first Beacon (the anti-Freak weapon).
    • Hope Springs Savior (50G) – Earn this achievement by finishing every Beacon detonation possible in Hope Springs.
    • Green Bay Savoir (50G) – The same as above, but for the Green Bay area.
    • Unity Heights Savoir (50G) – The same as above, but for Unity Heights.
    • Light Bringer (20G) – Achieved by detonating every single Beacon in Pacific City.
    • All Under Control (20G) – Earn this achievement by securing all Tactical Locations in a Cell stronghold.
    • Location, Location, Location (50G) – Earn this achievement by securing all the Tactical Locations in Pacific City.
    • Pest Control (10G) – This achievement is earned by clearing out a Freak Breach.
    • The Closer (20G) – This achievement is earned by clearing out all Freak Breaches in Pacific City.
    • Tower Power (20G) – Completed the final phase of Project Sunburst during the campaign.
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    Orb Achievements

    Crackdown 2 Achievements Guide This achievements requires that you collect a certain amount of collectible items or orbs.

    • Tellin Stories (10G) – Find and listen to an Audio Log.
    • Closed Book (20G) – Find and listen to all of the audio logs.
    • In Plain Sight (10G) – Find and collect one Hidden Orb
    • Sixth Sense (30G) – Find and collect all Hidden Orbs.
    • First Rung of the Ladder (10G) – Find and collect one Agility Orb.
    • King of the World (50G) – Find and collect all Agility Orbs.
    • In the Net (10G) – Catch one Agility Renegade Orb or Driving Renegade Orb.
    • Renegade Runner (20G) – Catch all Agility Renegade Orbs
    • Renegade Racer (20G) – Catch all Driving Renegade Orbs.
    • Speed Demon (10G) – Complete one race, road or rooftop.
    • Street Racer (20G) – Finish every road race in the city.
    • Rooftop Racer (20G) – Finish every rooftop race in the city.
    • Wingsuit Racer (20G) - Glide through every Wingsuit Stunt Ring in the city.
    • Stuntman (20G) – Jump a vehicle through every Vehicle Stunt Ring in the city.
    • Live and let Live (10G) – Collect all Online Orbs.
    • Who’s the Daddy (50G) – Max out all Agent skills.
    • Solid Block of Orbsome (50G) – Find and collect all Agility, Hidden and Renegade Orbs in the city.
    • Jack of All Trades (20G) – Complete one objective of each objective type in the city.
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    Misc. Achievements

    These achievements are require the completion of a certain task.

    • Pebble Dash (10G) – Jump from the top of the Agency Tower and make it into the chimney of the building below and survive.
    • City Glider (10G) – Wingsuit Glide through the airspace of every island in the city without touching the ground.
    • Squad City Glider (20G) – Same as above, but with a full squad of four agents.
    • Open Up a Can (10G) – Kill 5 enemies with a single explosion from a gas cylinder.
    • Co-op Keepy-Up (10G)– Pass a vehicle between Agents in co-op 3 times with UV shotguns. It can’t hit the ground.
    • Yippee-Kai-Yay (10G) – Drive the Agency SUV straight into an airborne helicopter.
    • Strike! (10G)– Kill 25 freaks with thrown objects and or vehicles.
    • Victory Roll (10G) – Either in single player or co-op, kill any enemy with a mounted turret while upside down in a vehicle.
    • Mosh Pit (10G) – Land 20 hand-to-hand attacks in a chain.
    • Scarface (10G) – Use a minigun to kill 20 enemies in 10 seconds.
    • Zero Factor (10G) – Use a UV weapon to kill 20 freaks in 10 seconds.
    • Street Sweeper (10G) – Kill 5 enemies in a single vehicle power slide.
    • Pin Cushon (10G) – Use the Harpoon Gun to pin 5 enemies to a vehicle.
    • Bomberman (10G) – Cause 30 explosions in one minute.
    • 25 Ways to Die (10G) – Find 25 ways to kill your cloned body (I am not sure what this means yet).
    • Car Jump (10G) – Leap from one vehicle to another. The vehicles must be moving.
    • Chopper Stomper (10G) – Leap from an Agency helicopter and then use a Ground Strike to kill at least one enemy.
    • Party Bus (10G) – Load up a Battle Bus in co-op with four agents and then jump through a Stunt Ring.
    • Pile Driver (10G) – Kill 5 enemies with a Ground Strike.

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