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Crackdown 2 Skills Guide: Skills For Kills, Agent

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The best part of Crackdown 2 is leveling up your agent's skills. This takes you from being a relative nobody into an insane superhero. There are five skills in the game, and each is explained in this skills guide.

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    Skills for Kills

    As the Voice of the Agency says, you need skills to earn kills. Your skills can improve dramatically over the course of the game. In this brief guide we'll take a look at each skill in Crackdown 2 so that you understand how they change your character.

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    Crackdown 2 Skills Guide Your agility skill determines how fast your agent can run and determines how high your agent can jump. You start the game with the ability to jump ten feet in air. Each extra level of agility skill you earn gives you the ability to jump an additional 5 feet.

    The best way to increase your agility is by collecting agility orbs. These green orbs can be found on top of many buildings. Orbs will have either on, two, or three “running man" agility symbols hovering over them. The more symbols you see, the more agility points you will gain for capturing the orb.

    You can also increase your agility by collecting renegade agility orbs and by completing rooftop races.

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    The driving skill in Crackdown 2 determines your ability to use vehicles. It appears as if it has some effect on the overall maneuverability and durability of vehicles you drive, but this is not possible to confirm statistically.

    What is certain, however, is that increasing the driving skill unlocks vehicles. When you start at the first level you can only use the Agency Cruiser. You earn the Buggy at level 2, the Supercar at level 3, the SUV at level 4 and the Tank at level 5.

    The best way to level the driving skill is to simply take a car and run over freaks at night. They are rather helpless against vehicles and they squish easily.

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    The explosives skill dictates your ability to make things go boom. It affects all of the grenades in the game and also affects explosive projectile weapons that you carry.

    As your explosives skill increases you will notice the damage of your attacks increasing and the radius increasing. These appear to be the only benefits of the explosives skill.

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    Firearms Skill

    Crackdown 2 Guide The firearms skill simply determines your skill with guns. The better your firearms skill is, the more proficient you will be when firing weapons. The firearms skill generally covers all guns that you carry except for explosives, which are dictated by the explosives skill.

    As you gain firearm skill you will unlock new weapons. This is only of moderate use because you can only choose weapons when you are at a regeneration point and in the field you’re limited to the ammo at hand unless the gun you’re using is one that the enemy is also using.

    You will also notice that your accuracy becomes better as your firearms skill increases. “Locking on" will become quicker as well.

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    Strength determines how ripped your agent is. It is a very important stat to increase because it improves your overall physical strength. This means two things. First, it gives you the ability to kill enemies much more quickly when up close. Second, it gives you the ability to pick up heavy objects and throw them or use them as weapons.

    Each level of strength improves your ability to deal damage in melee combat and pick up heavy objects by a moderate amount. The most important strength level overall is probably the fourth. Once you reach this level of strength you will be able to one-shot Cell and Freak grunts. You will also be able to pick up and throw vehicles. Once you reach level 5 you gain the ability to perform and Ground Smash. This attack is charged while you are in the area by keeping the melee attack button pressed. When you hit the ground you will trigger an area-of-effect attack.

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    Agility tends to be the most important skill that you need to specifically go out of your way to level. Without a high agility you will find it much harder to navigates the terrain of Pacific City. You may also have to go out of your way to level Driving.

    Otherwise, your skills will level as you use them. If you prefer melee, your strength will level – if you prefer guns, your firearms will level.

    Note that all skills only go up to level 5. You will continue to gain experience, and it will appear in-game as if you are working towards a sixth skill level, but there is no actual sixth skill level in the game.

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