Command and Conquer: Generals Cheats, Hints and Unlockables

Command and Conquer: Generals Cheats, Hints and Unlockables
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Command And Conquer: Generals - What’s New?

Command and Conquer: Generals has a completely different plot when compared to its predecessors. There’s no Brotherhood of Nod, GDI or other factions. The game lets you control fictional, futuristic counterparts of the USA and China. Players can also control a terrorist organization similar to current terror outfits. For an in-depth review of of this unique real time strategy game, read “Command and Conquer: Generals Review."

Just like any other real-time strategy game, Command and Conquer: Generals allows players to construct buildings and units and wage war against each other. The story takes place in the near future and so there are plenty of old and new combat units to build and research. The game has a campaign, skirmish and multiplayer mode. The campaign mode has a unique ranking system which allows players to unlock ranks such as Corporal, Sergeant, Commander in Chief etc. The more ranks you achieve, the more abilities get unlocked. Gamers can also unlock Skirmish awards by completing campaigns or defeating enemies in skirmish battles. However, special conditions are required to unlock an award.

An intense real-time strategy game like C&C: Generals can be played very easily using hints and strategy. But, if you are looking for console-based Command and Conquer: Generals cheats, then you may get disappointed as there are none. You cannot invoke the console and add cheat codes to it. Nevertheless, there are some great tips and glitches to help you win a campaign and skirmish battles.

Command and Conquer: Generals Cheats and Tips

How to Launch Scud Missiles Quickly: GLA Faction

You will have to play as GLA to build a scud storm. But the scud missiles get activated every 5 minutes. To avoid the delay, build a scud base and select it. Press the Q key and press and hold CTRL. Left-click to select the enemy base camp. You will see the scudstorm bombarding enemy bases constantly.

How to Win a Skirmish Battle Easily: China Faction

You will have to build a supply depot with the dozer. After you get enough funds, quickly build a vehicle factory and create 3-4 Troop Crawlers as well as 4 Battlemaster Tanks. Send them to the enemy base, evacuate the infantry from the troop crawlers and destroy the enemy base with infantry and tanks. Remember, the Troop Crawlers come preloaded with 8 Red Guard infantry, so no need to build any barracks.

Command and Conquer Generals Cheats USA Sniper

Trespassers Will Be Sniped!: USA Faction

One of the best aspects of Command and Conquer: Generals is the ability to put snipers and infantry inside buildings. This strategy helps to eliminate enemy units that try to trespass your territory. Search for a vacant civilian building or hut near your territory and put 5-6 rocket soldiers and 5 snipers inside. The rocket infantry will take down enemy tanks and aircraft and the snipers will snipe down enemy soldiers trying to trespass your territory.

Command and Conquer: Generals Cheats—Skirmish and Campaign Award Unlockables

Command and Conquer Generals GLA Faction

Skirmish battles can be fun, even more interesting if you get awarded for destroying enemy units. Well there are different Skirmish awards, but most players don’t know how to unlock them. Here’s a quick list:

Unlock Streak Honor: If you win 3 skirmish battles in a row, the Blitz award gets unlocked. You can unlock this achievement if you win 10 or 30 matches in a row.

Unlock Apocalypse Honor: Each Faction has Super Weapons. If you build those while playing GLA, USA or China factions, you can easily unlock this achievement.

Unlock Blitz Honor: When you defeat an enemy within 3, 5 or ten minutes, you achieve the Blitz honor.

Unlock Battle Tank Award: when playing solo skirmish or multiplayer missions just create more than 50 tanks to achieve this Award.

Endurance Award: Finish all Skirmish Maps successfully to unlock the Endurance honor.

Air Wing Award: When playing Solo or multiplayer skirmishes, try to build over 20 Aircraft vehicles and achieve this honor.

USA Campaign Award: You will have to finish USA’s campaign mode

China Campaign Award: When you complete all seven missions of the Chinese campaign successfully, you unlock the China Campaign Honor.

GLA Campaign Honor: Finish all GLA campaign missions successfully to unlock this award.

While there are no Command and Conquer: Generals cheats for PC, these glitches, hints and unlockables will surely come to your help whenever you want to have an easy and alternative way to defeat your opponents.