Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Bag and Drag

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Bag and Drag
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A Little Time in Paris

Start out by just maneuvering through the wreckage. Move along the ledge carefully and just follow Sandman until you reach the staircase. After you start taking fire, look for a window that you can jump out of. While Sandman tells you to follow him down the steps, it’s actually better to get out onto the newly formed balcony directly across from the bookstore. From here, you can crouch and fire on most of the men inside. Clear the upper level as best as you can, and send a few rounds through the lower floor to kill a few before you enter.

Move carefully and drop down to reach the entrance. Again, don’t chase Sandman. Stay by the door and fire on the balcony. Duck in and out of cover until it’s clear, then move up to a display case. Watch for a few reinforcements above, then swing down and take out the survivors below. After that, you can go around and through the exit to meet up with the GIGN team. Note that there’s a few good weapons lying around with good weapons, so I suggest that you trade out your pistol for a second assault rifle.

Fight to the Catacombs

They’re Just Asking for an Airstrike

Move forward to the cafe and help the survivors of the GIGN team push forward. Just get behind something and fire on the attackers. If you can, watch for the men at the top of the stairs to the left. They have RPGs, and are a priority target.

Once the way is fairly clear, move out into the courtyard, and watch Sabre. You should be able to follow him into an alley that will take you around most of the men in the center of the courtyard. Go through the rooms until you wind up in a cafe right next to the Russians guarding the stairs. Fire though the window to let your team move up, then carefully pick off the men at the top of the steps.

Let a few of your allies move up the steps to make your enemies reveal themselves, then move on up and take them out, and swing through the hole in the burning building. Take cover behind the table and kill the men in the windows across from you, then drop down to the street.

As you reach the street, you’ll find a massive armored column. Just get down and wait until you are allowed to throw a special smoke grenade. Toss it in the general direction of the convoy to blow them all up with tremendous firepower. Pick off the stragglers and move through the wreckage to reach the second set.

As soon as the helicopters starting dropping off soldiers in the street, chuck the smoke grenade right into the midst of them. There’s a delay on the air strike, so it should come down right as a BTR pulls up. If you’re lucky, it’ll also blow up a helicopter and give you the “Danger Close” achievement.

Pick off the stragglers in the shop ahead and move forward to cover. You should be able to reach the catacombs entrance soon. Wait for Sabre to pull off the manhole cover, then climb down.

Finding Volk

The Battle in the Catacombs

Once you regain control, just follow after the group. Sabre’s the only one with a light, so stay close if you don’t want eyestrain. After warning you that you’re close to the target, one guard will ambush him by throwing an old gate. He can handle his attacker, just focus on looking ahead and kill the second guard at the end of the tunnel.

Approach the main target and then wait for the flashbang to wear off. You’ll see Volk ahead. Don’t shoot him, aim for the guard to the left and take him out before he kills you. For now, just give chase. Fire from the hip at the guards that hang back, and go up the steps.

Stop briefly when you reach a tight hallway with some crates, since about five of his guards will hang back to ambush you. You’ll want to get down and open fire on them from cover. Watch for grenades and take out all five guards so that you can continue the chase. Move into the large hallway, and grab the enemy intel just lying on the crate that you run past. Quickly duck into a corner and fire on the mass of guards left behind after Volk gets into his car.

The Car Chase

Chasing After Volk

After you take out a few of the men ahead, you should actually be safe to just sprint to the blue van with your team. Jump in and fire through the windshield until Sandman gets it started. You’ll need to drop back to the rear doors in a moment. Go ahead and change out to the light machine gun lying at your feet.

Don’t worry about the men on the ground. I don’t believe that I ever actually took fire from the soldiers themselves. A humvee with a gunner is your worst nightmare though. You’re in a tight space with nowhere to hide, so be very careful. For any vehicle, you need to start on the drivers window and let your recoil carry you up to the gunner. Ideally, you want it to blow up, but you should kill the gunner so that he doesn’t get a few extra seconds to shoot while you wait for it to crash and explode.

The first is easy since it comes right into your sight, and the second will get slowed down by the first one crashing. The third will be a fair distance away though. When you turn onto the main road, aim down the sight to accurately fire and hit the gunner, then hit the vehicle to blow it up.

Don’t worry about the Hind, we can’t take it out. Just hang back and take the chance to reload in the museum. You’ll get another humvee right on your tail as you leave the museum, so take it out with a quick burst of fire. You should reach Volk’s car right about now. Once you’re in the passenger seat again, fire at the back to blow out the tires and start the takedown.

Once the car spins, you’ll get a slow motion shot. Volk’s in the passenger seat and the driver isn’t a concern. Start by shooting the guard in the back passenger seat, then aim above him to kill the other passenger that’s climbs out his window to fire over the side. Once they’re dead, things will speed up and you’ll be able to successfully capture Volk.

The AC-130

Death from Above

This is the AC-130 mission (at least for part of it), so just enjoy it for a moment. As you may have expected, extraction is never going to be that easy. After your ride home crashes, you’ll move to the AC-130 view. For now, just use the 105mm rounds to take out tanks, and switch to the 40mm to hit the helicopters before they drop too many men on the ground. After you’ve thinned it out, a bombing run will clear out the bulk of the units. Focus on protecting the red smoke and you’ll be fine.

A group of soldiers will be ahead blocking the path. Use the 25mm shots to accurately hit them from the side (anything larger will damage the building). Once they retreat, you’ll have a moment to use the 105mm to take out large groups of soldiers, and the 40mm to hit the BTR and the helicopters. Once the way is clear, you should be able to use some well placed 105mm fire to hit the next set.

As they advance they’ll start taking RPG fire from the building ahead. Wait for permission and then hit it with a 105mm round to destroy it. After your little scare from the missile, you’ll get one more 105mm shot to hit the building full of enemies ahead of them. Use it, and get ready for a change of perspective.

The Fight to the Eiffel Tower

Killing the Machine Gunner

Once you’re on the ground, run up the steps. There should just be two men in the hallway. Fire from the hip to clear the path to the balcony. Go all the way around and you’ll be able to put a few shots into the machine gunner’s head. Once he’s down, just start shooting at the rest of the men in the courtyard. You’re in a good position. If you’re prone, they can barely hit you. Just keep shooting until Sandman and Grinch move out into the courtyard. Make sure that the monument is clear, then move up to it yourself. Take cover close to the machine gun (using it will actually leave you quite exposed), and trade fire with the men on the balconies. Just watch carefully and keep things covered until the tank shows up.

Stay down until the AC-130 pilot confirms that they’re back, then toss the smoke to blow up the tank and clear the path. You’ll be back in the gunner’s seat after that.

For the next set, you just have to clear the road for the team. Use the 105mm to hit the tanks. Switch to the 40mm while it’s reloading to hit the helicopters and groups of soldiers. Once you’ve hit the bulk of them, Sandman and what’s left of the strike group will jump into the humvees to make a run for it.

Use the 40mm to keep the vehicles off of their tail, and try to look ahead. Use the 105mm to hit groups of tanks, and keep them alive. As they near the river, you’ll need to either use the 40mm or the 25mm to take out the helicopters chasing them, until they run into the blockade on the bridge. Take out the first tank in the line to switch back to Frost’s point of view.

The Extraction Site

One Last Look at the Scenic Eiffel Tower

Trade your pistol out for the Javelin missile, and stand still in the center of the bridge. If you keep the crosshair over the green box, you’ll get a lock and an easy kill. Take cover until the missile hits, then repeat it to kill the second tank.

Move forward with your assault rifle and keep shooting. Just stick to the destroyed cars and you’ll be just fine. As you near the next large group, you should get light air support again. Toss the smoke grenade to take most of them down, and advance to the next set of cover. You should be able to rinse and repeat with the next wave of enemy soldiers. At this point, you’ll get to a suitable extraction point and take cover.

Take shots at the first soldiers that approach, then toss a smoke grenade into the middle of the next big wave. They should all be taken care of. When the helicopter’s come in, you can just toss a second smoke grenade below them to take them out.

Pick off the stragglers and then take cover. The rest of this is basically just one big scripted scene. Shoot any soldiers that get too close, while the tanks close in on you. After the big airstrike on the tanks, watch the Eiffel Tower fall and the airlift arrive. Jump on to the little helicopter to get off of the bridge.

A Little Sneaking

Sneaking into Prague

Start out by dropping into the water, and swim along with Price. There’s nothing you can do for the prisoners, so just move along with him and make the break for the next sewer area to find Kamarov. After your little reunion, follow Soap forward and around.

When you reach the guarded area, go prone and wait for them to split up. You should be able to pick off both of the snipers in a moment. Note that Soap wants you to hit both. He’s aiming for the guard dog and handler, so you’re on your own for chaining up two shots.

Move forward and just follow along for now. You’ll be able to do a paired shot to kill the patrol. The sniper ahead is too visible, so you’ll need to run into the building to get past him. Once Soap spots the convoy, just follow him to the corner and wait for him to open the door. For this part, just crawl along after him. If you’re right behind him, and if you stop when the dog starts barking, you’ll be fine

Wait for him to run behind the convoy, and then follow him to the dumpsters. Climb over it and jump the fence, then hang back. Soap should be able to quietly kill the patrol before he sends out an alarm. Move up to the fence and wait for the scout to appear with the laser sight. Get your scope on him to trigger Price’s arrival with a little help.

Joining the Rebellion

Don’t Get Too Attached to the Rebels

Once the resistance starts their attack, switch to the short range scope on your rifle with “3.” Use it to kill anyone that survives the initial attack, and then follow Soap to the center fountain. Switch back to the normal scope and look down the street. Then, just start wildly firing to thin out the crowd. There are ton of soldiers and you don’t have that many rebels supporting you. Once it’s thin, follow Soap up the steps.

On this upper level, sprint to the crates and get down. Trade out your pistol for the RPG, and wait for the BTR to round the corner. Quickly peek out and fire at roughly dead center of the marked vehicle. Quickly get back behind the crates and wait for the explosion and the save point. The soldiers will scatter, briefly, and you’ll be able to get into the building on the left side.

Walk through it until you reach the stairs at the end. There’s not much you can do to help the rebellion, so just keep moving until you can reach the next street.

There are two machine gunners ahead, so get behind the rubble and pick them both off while they’re focused on the rebels. Switch to the short range scope or grab an assault rifle from any of the dead bodies. Advance and clear the path so that you can make it to the end of the street with the wave of rebels. When the tank shell hits the center, get up and go into the museum through the broken window.

Avoid the first guards, but get ready for the second set. After Soap tosses the grenade, move over to either the desk or the little alcove in the corner. Watch for the laser sights and lay down some fire. Toss grenades if you have them and just cut them all down.

Once the way is clear, you can move forward. Follow Soap and wait for the convoy to pass, then slip in behind it. Meet up with him on the other side to finally reach the church and take up your overwatch position.

Blood Brothers

Stick to Cover to Safely Get Soap Out

Just watch and wait for now. Confirm that Makarov is in the convoy, and wait for him to go inside. When prompted to do so, spot Price on the roof. He’s right above the clock tower. Watch him move down toward the window, then open fire on the balcony guards. There’s no drop to account for, so just aim at their chests to take them down. Keep an eye on Price as the mission goes bad, and then wait for the rest to play out.

Pick up Soap once you regain control, and just run after Price toward cover. After moving into an alley, Price will trade with you and hand over his assault rifle. Once he kicks open the door to the store, run ahead and turn to the right. The store isn’t safe, and there’s no ideal cover. Just run and gun to the right and kill the two soldiers by the desk, then take cover behind it and clear out the rest of the store while Price pushes forward.

Once you make it to the street, you should be able to just fire and move. When the two cars pull up, toss a grenade between them to take out most of the reinforcements, and follow Price into the store. Push forward a little bit, and wait for Price to cross the street toward the tennis courts.

Run out toward the tennis courts, but stop by the green car and fire at the men rushing in behind you. Once the way is fairly clear, sprint across the tennis court and get to the brick walls behind it. Turn around again and provide covering fire while Price digs in and waits. After a short exchange, the rebels will show up to help. Just follow them to the table.

Approach the table and hit the button to help Soap. Follow Price forward toward the basement and away from the gunfire, and then just watch the scene that plays out. When you get the prompt, use the buttons on the screen to crawl to the elevator. Once you get out, walk forward and try to aim at one of the shooters. After a few failed shots, you should pass out and come back to the present.


  • All information from a “Hardened” difficulty playthrough of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • All screenshots from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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