Everything To Know About Modern Warfare 3 Strike Packages

Everything To Know About Modern Warfare 3 Strike Packages
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The Basics of Strike Packages

Strike Packages are a new feature of Modern Warfare 3. They are, essentially, classes for you to play. Each one gives you special mechanics, a different set of killstreaks, and their own bonus features. The three types are Assault, Support, and Specialist. Some things that are common to every strike package:

  • Kills count as 1 point toward a streak.
  • Capturing objectives count as 1 point toward a streak.
  • Shooting down helicopters counts as 1 point.
  • When you earn your third killstreak, you immediately begin earning your first one again. For example: UAV(3)-Predator(5)-Chopper(7) as your setup. Earn 7 kills and you start over. Earn three more (your 10th kill) and you will earn another UAV.
  • With Hardline Pro, 2 assists count as 1 point toward your streak.

Assault is the most traditional Call of Duty playstyle. Your killstreaks are all offense. When you die, your progress is reset. Kills with your killstreaks count towards your next killstreak, except your final. Your attack chopper won’t earn your next UAV for you, but your predator WILL earn your attack chopper.

Support is focused on staying alive and keeping your team alive and protected. When you die, your progress is NOT reset. Your killstreaks rarely kill enemies, and when they do, it doesn’t count toward your killstreak.

Specialist is focused on solo play. You do not earn killstreaks. Instead, you earn Perks. When you die, you lose your earned perks and must start over.

In addition, every strike package has a Hidden Killstreak. This is the MOAB.

MOAB - 25 kills not counting kills with killstreaks - kills entire enemy team, EMPs enemy team for 60 seconds.

Assault Strike Package Killstreaks

Slay your enemies

The assault strike package is the most offensive package available for Modern Warfare 3. Everything you can earn in it is designed to kill as many enemies as possible. By default you start off with UAV, Predator Missile, and Attack Helicopter unlocked. The killstreaks, and the number of kills it takes to earn them, are below.

  • UAV - 3 Kills - The usual enemy-displaying radar.
  • Care Package - 4 Kills - The standard airdropped random killstreak box.
  • I.M.S. - 5 Kills - Intelligent Munitions System. It’s a large placeable box that triggers like a bouncing betty when enemies get too close, and detonates a shaped charge designed to kill them. The only way to survive is Blast Shield or backing away very quickly.
  • Predator Missile - 5 Kills - Shoot a rocket from on high to explode into the ground.
  • Sentry Gun - 5 Kills - The usual automated chaingun turret. Useful for defending choke points.
  • Precision Airstrike - 6 Kills - A directional, fast-moving, explosive airstrike. Useful for clearing out hallways and points.
  • Attack Helicopter - 7 Kills - A helicopter that circles the battlefield and fires on enemies it spots. Has no flares for defense.
  • Strafe Run - 9 Kills - A slow-moving squad of five helicopters that fly across the battefield, gunning down any enemy they spot. Be wary: one well-placed stinger on the front chopper can take down all five of them.
  • AH-6 Overwatch - 9 Kills - A tiny helicopter that hovers over you and guns down your enemies. It’s added firepower and backup, but it gives away your position.
  • Reaper - 9 Kills - Like a Predator Missile, only you don’t control it on the way down, and you have five of them to shoot. Useful for open maps, not so much for the ones clustered with buildings.
  • Assault Drone - 10 Kills - Airdrop in a remote-controlled little tank that’s armed with a minigun. Useful for chasing people into buildings without putting yourself at risk.
  • AC-130 - 12 Kills - Returning from MW2, the AC-130 is highly-defended air supremacy and can rain down high explosives. It leaves you vulnerable on the ground, but the firepower makes up for it.
  • Pave Low - 12 Kills - A higher power, better-defended chopper than the Attack Helicopter. It’s harder to shoot down and is more powerful and accurate.
  • Juggernaut - 15 Kills - Call in a care package that gives you Juggernaut armor. You have 500 health that regenerates and two high-power weapons to fight with.
  • Osprey Gunner - 17 Kills - Like a cross between chopper gunner and emergency air drop. A huge, slow-moving VTOL craft flies in and airdrops four care packages. You take control of it’s guns to defend the packages and your team.

Support Strike Package Killstreaks

Support your allies

The support package is mostly focused on defensive and supportive killstreak rewards. They’ll point out the enemy, make your team stronger, and help shoot down air support to keep your team alive. Every good team should have a couple of support players. Yes, some of the killstreaks are the same as the Assault package, but at different kill numbers or with different mechanics.

  • UAV - 4 Kills - The usual enemy-mapping radar.
  • Counter-UAV - 5 Kills - Turns the enemy radar into static. Be warned: certain perks make you immune to counter-UAVs, so you’re not always protected.
  • Ballistic Vests - 5 Kills - Drop a package that contains a number of bulletproof vests for your team to pick up. These vests give you a small boost in health and armor, giving you a slight edge in a firefight.
  • Airdrop Trap - 5 Kills - Call in a care package. At least, that’s what your enemies think. In reality, when they try to hijack it, it explodes in their face and kills them.
  • SAM Turret - 8 Kills - Place a turret that tracks enemy aircraft, UAVs, and the like, and shoots them down.
  • Recon Drone - 10 Kills - Pilot a tiny helicopter around the battlefield. You have no weapons, but you can lock on and mark enemies with it. Marked enemies show up on the minimap constantly for 60 seconds. In addition, when you mark them, they’re flashed as though a flashbang hit them. Note: the drone can be targeted and shot down by rockets and SAMs.
  • Advanced UAV - 12 Kills - A UAV that shows your enemy as arrows instead of dots, showing you the direction they’re facing. Not constant like the Blackbird was, and it can be shot down.
  • Remote Sentry - 12 Kills - A sentry gun, only you get to aim and shoot with it. It has thermal optics, so you can spot enemies more easily.
  • Stealth Bomber - 14 Kills - A slow-moving but wide and powerful airstrike that has the added benefit of not showing up on enemy maps, making them unable to plan ahead where it’s going to hit.
  • EMP - 18 Kills - Disable enemy radar, electronics, and most killstreaks for 60 seconds. It will knock helicopters out of the air and disable hearbeat sensors, among other things.
  • Juggernaut Recon - 18 Kills - The same as the assault Juggernaut, only you’re given a riot shield and a pistol instead of heavy weapons. Ideal for capturing points and defending them.
  • Escort Airdrop - The same as the Osprey Gunner, only you don’t control the gun. Instead, you’re on the ground and able to collect your packages.

Specialist Strike Package


The Specialist Strike Package is unique. You have your three Perks, as usual. Then you build up a chain.

  • 2 Kills - Perk of your choice
  • 4 Kills - Perk of your choice
  • 6 Kills - Perk of your choice
  • 8 Kills - EVERY PERK, plus every weapon proficiency except Breath and Attachments

Now, there are some things to note about this. First off, you can only choose perks for your 2-4-6 kills that you’ve unlocked. Second, you cannot select Overkill, because you can’t choose that weapon mid-game. You must have earned the Pro version of a Perk for it to work.

If you use Hardline as your default Perk, then merely capturing a point in domination will earn you your fourth Perk. This is exceptionally useful.


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