Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Guide - Turbulence and Back on the Grid

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Guide - Turbulence and Back on the Grid
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Retaking the Airplane

Follow the president down the hallway, until you reach the meeting room. He should walk fairly quickly, so just keep up and enjoy your brief break. When he reaches the conference area, take up your position in the corner until you hear the gunfire. The door ahead of you will be breached. Wait until you recover from the explosion, and the go prone as quickly as possible. You only have a pistol and there’s no real cover around. Fire through the door to kill the two shooters.

Move forward and grab one of their guns to get a little more firepower. Round the corner and take out the group ahead of you, until the plane stalls out and things get a little zero-g. As you float around, wait for the moments when you get a chance to fire. You should be able to take out about two or three of the hijackers now.

Advance down the steps and carefully turn around. The hijacker in the doorway has an automatic shotgun, so be careful about staying out of cover for long. Put a few rounds into his chest, then run up and trade your pistol for it. Reload it and use it to easily clear this fairly narrow room of guards.

Keep advancing through the control area. The hijackers will put themselves right into your line of fire, so hold down the trigger and clear out area in a few seconds. Move up to the cargo section and switch back to whatever assault rifle you picked up. Use it to pick off the guards in back, then sweep the room to secure the president’s daughter.

Go through the saferoom and into the passenger cabin. Move forward until the luggage falls and blocks your path. Fire at the hijackers that move up, and then just wait for the rough landing to finish.

Back on Solid Earth

The Vehicle Yard

Once you regain control, follow your commander out of the plane and toward the surviving groups of agents. Walk past the burning turbine (and keep going forward after the explosion), and keep moving until you reach the base. Note that you can now use flashbangs and grenades now that you’re not on a fragile plane, so I suggest that you make use of them. Quickly gun down the men in front of the burning bulldozer, then sprint to it and use it for cover. This will keep your back protected and let you clear out most of the yard.

Advance until the next humvee comes up. If you can move around the disabled one in the yard, you should be able to flank the gunner from the left side and easily kill him. Use the humvee for cover and kill the next set of four guards at the broken portion of the fence, then advance until you make it to the president. When the helicopter arrives, open the door for a twist that everyone should have seen coming.

Quiet Entry

Price, Soap and Yuri

For starters, just move along with Captain Price. Take cover with Soap when he tells you to do so. Soap will knife the guard and clear the way. Advance until Price notes the two men ahead. Use your sniper rifle to kill them both. If one makes it to the house, note that you should be able to just fire through the thin wall to kill him.

Move forward until you get to the next execution in progress. Draw a bead on the militia member firing into the air on the right. Start with him, and run down the line to the left to kill them all and save the prisoner.

Advance to the next execution area. Unfortuantely, there’s nothing that we can really do for this one. Just stay down and wait. You can try to stop it, but you’ll be cut down by machine gun fire, since there’s no real cover around and there are a lot of soldiers in the clearing below you.

Once the militia leaves, follow Price down the road, and then go prone when he tells you. Crawl forward until you’re clear. Go along the riverbed, and pick one of the two guards to kill. Soap will shoot the other. Follow them along a bit further. After Price takes out the lone patrol, you’ll be able to climb up a guard tower and the real mission will start. Use “E” to knife the guard, and walk up to the edge. You can get more ammo for your sniper rifle, and then start your overwatch.

The Raid Starts

Sniper Overwatch

As Price notes, the first problem is a pair of guards just ahead of them. Shoot both. Another two will come out the building to the left. Snipe both of them quickly. If you hit them as they walk out their respective doors, you’ll be fine.

Reload, and look toward the factory. Three more men will walk right down the road. One shot can probably take out two of them, since they tend to line up. Pick off the third and wait for Price and Soap to clear the building. Reload and watch the area right below you. Use the sniper rifle to gun down the line of militia that run right below you, then switch to the assault rifle and jump off the tower. Move forward, and be careful as you approach the factory. Three men will run right in front of you. They’re focused on Soap and Price, so if you’re quick you can gun them all down.

Turn and join up with Price and Soap, and fire down the street. Move forward a bit, and watch for the stairs on the right. While you can just walk down the street, it’s much better to get on the rooftops and pick off the shooters up here. They’re much easier to kill if you’re on the same level as them, and it’s pretty easy to clean up the street from above. You can jump between them to move forward. Move toward the waypoint and drop off the rooftop once Soap and Price make it there.

The .50 Cal and the Mortar

For Whom the Shell Tolls

Keep going until you hit the next battle. Quickly shoot the gunner on the technical to take him out. Clear out anyone near him, and then jump on the .50 cal. Use it to hit the body of the technical ahead of you to just blow it up and kill most of the first wave. Watch the right side for the second wave, and hit the explosive barrels to wipe them out.

Listen for Price’s warnings, and sweep from left to right to keep the street clear. The .50 cal will not jam, overheat or run out of ammo, so just keep firing the entire time. After taking out a few more technicals, you’ll get hit with a mortar.

Once you recover, just sprint after Price and Soap until you reach the tower with the mortars. Turn to the right and pick off the militia inside to get a moment’s peace. Run up to the tower, and get inside to man the mortar. Note that doing this segment without any misses counts for the achievement “For Whom the Shell Tolls.” I assume that you want that.

The mortars take a second to fire, so remember to lead moving targets, or wait for them to stop. You can destroy the first technical by firing at the stationary group of soldiers just in front of you. The technical should drive right under the shell and be destroyed.

The second one will actually park at the back left corner of the village. Drop a mortar right on top of it. By the time the second is destroyed, the third will park too. Take a second to line up your shell and drop it on the technical. The last group should be the marked group of soldiers in the front right corner. Just repeat your first shot to take them out and score the achievement.

You’ll start to take RPG fire at this point, so quickly jump over the railing to rejoin with Price.

Fight to the Church

The Militia in the Warehouse

Wait for Soap to cut open the grate, and go through the pipe to reach another battle. Fire and move, and use the refrigerator for cover. Refrigerators are sturdy, but they only cover about half of you. Remember to get down and go prone if you’re hurt. I suggest that you use the sniper rifle to clear the windows, then turn the corner and follow Price up the street. Go through the doors to reach a similar street.

A grenade and a little assault rifle fire across the rooftops will do wonders. In particular, watch the rooftop at the end of the street. It tends to have a lot of shooters on it. Move forward and swing into the warehouse. Use a grenade to flush the militia out of the little room on the left, and gun down the rest.

The market is a bit of a nightmare, but we’re nearly done with the mission. Shoot up the two men that run in front of you, then get to the house on the right. Turn to the left and kill the lone shooter in the market, then look for the stairs.

The Market and the Church

Go up to the balcony and take out the two men up here in the side rooms. Duck into a side room yourself, and use your sniper rifle to fire through a window and kill the heavily armed men guarding the entrance to the church. Move forward along the balcony and watch for surviving militia in Price’s way. Kill them, then leap over the railing to meet back up with them by the church.

Reload your assault rifle and approach the doors. They’ll fling open, but all this really does is give you a nice kill zone. Hold down the trigger to kill most of the men inside, then go ahead and toss a few grenades or flashbangs in to disrupt the rest. Sweep the room to take out the stragglers. I normally don’t point out enemy intel, but note that there’s an intel laptop just lying on the pulpit in front of you. Go ahead and grab it, there’s no reason not to.

Stack up on the door, and get ready to breach. The hyena will make this a little harder, but there’s only two guards left. Use the pistol to shoot each of them in the chest a few times to finish the breach. This will wrap up the mission.

A Quiet Raid

After the briefing ends, you’ll join up with the SAS team. Move up and wait for your team to take out the first guard. Move through the open door, and hit both of the men by the card table. Turn the corner and watch the other team take out the men ahead of you. As you move forward, you shouldn’t have much trouble silently clearing the groups.

When they warn of men around the corner, aim down the sights and strafe around the wall. You can gun them all down in one burst. The snipers will take out the two men on the top floor, but that just starts off the real battle.

A Loud Raid

The Warehouse Yard

Shoot up one of the windows and jump through to slide down. Run past the explosions and get behind a crate. Fire over the top of it and pick off the men to the left and in front of you. The oxygen tanks can be blown up with a single bullet, so use them to clear out men in cover. When things are a little more open, move to the right and take cover on the shipping container. You should be able to move along the right side and fire down the line to flank most of the surviving guards and clear the path to the truck.

Open the doors to trigger the next scene. Just get behind some crates and fire on the nearest balcony until the helicopters gun down the next force of guards on the big building ahead. Once the way is a little more clear, advance to the big hole in the wall. If you move through the shipping containers, it should be easy to get close and flank the guards inside. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. You’ve got a lot of support. Clear the building and chase after them down the line. Get into cover on the side and wait for the helicopters to gun down the bulk of the men by the large pipes.

The Chase to the Subway

After the way is clear, move up and go through the open container to get within grenade range of the next blockade. Get a grenade behind them to flush them out so that you and your team can gun them down.

Continue the chase. If you stick to cover, you should have no trouble picking them off as you move up to the subway tunnel. When the prompt comes up, jump onto the glowing truck and get ready to fire.

The Subway Chase

The Gunbattle in Westminster Station

Throughout this chase, I recommend just firing from the hip. You won’t have the time or stability to aim well, so just get them in your general sight and fire away. Go ahead and fire through the back window when you’re behind it, but note that the real firefights will come when you pull alongside it. Watch the doors as you chase after it, until you take the train out in a bit of an unplanned way.

Move forward with Wallcroft and go through the wrecked train to reach Westminster Station. Take out the first few guards, and then use the map board for cover to fire on the rest. Use a flashbang to open things up, and then move forward. Use the vending machines and map boards for cover, and you’ll have no trouble clearing a path.

Turn to the right and wait for Wallcroft to take down the terrorist that runs around the corner. If you’re low on ammo, go ahead and grab his red dot P90. It’s a good gun, and there’s a lot of ammo lying around for it.

Either take cover on the corner and carefully pick off the guards from left to right, or charge forward and get behind some cover on the left wall (by the surviving civilian). Gun down the men taking cover by the vending machine, and then turn the corner.

As you approach the escalator, run to the bottom and then go prone. Aim up to the top to gun down the man above you. Wallcroft should take care of the other. Toss back the grenade that they throw down, and continue to give chase through the landing.

The second set of escalators will have more terrorists at the top. The left side should be clear though, so just run up and flank the rest. Fire at the men jumping the turnstile, then jump it yourself. The set ahead will surrender to the reinforcements, so just walk past them and take up your spot in the blockade. Fire at the window of the truck to bring it down and set up the next series of events.

You’ll get a brief transfer to someone’s vacation video. Wait for the little girl to approach the truck, and then walk forward with the camera to trigger the end of the mission. Note that yes, this was the disturbing content. If you turned it off earlier, then you won’t see it.


  • All information based on a “Hardened” difficulty playthrough of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
  • All screenshots from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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