Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Map Guide

Call of Duty 4 Maps

This article is a guide to all 20 of the current maps available for play in the first person shooter game Call of Duty 4. These maps appear on both the Windows PC and console versions of the game.

Ambush – This is a fun one where a road divides two large sections of a desert town. There are drain tunnels running beneath the road that make excellent hiding places. It can be tough to make it across that road when the enemy makes a stand.

Backlot – This is a very popular map that is set in a construction zone, so there are plenty of places to climb into or hide.

Bloc – This takes place where two large apartment buildings face each other, plus you can move around the buildings on either side. The middle part is wide open, and it’s best not to even go out there.

Broadcast – This is one of the new maps that just recently came available in the game. It takes place in and around a large TV station, and offers a bunch of great places to hide.

Bog – This one is set in the desert next to a sort of landfill with a bunch of old vehicle and things for cover. It’s great for getting long range shots.

Chinatown – This is another of the new maps that takes place in a very large town. You can get up in most of the buildings, thus making it a great map for snipers.

Countdown – This map takes place at a missile silo and is fairly small. There aren’t many good places to hide and it’s easy to get picked off from afar. It’s not one of my favorites.

Crash – This is one of the most popular maps that takes place in a desert town where a helicopter has crashed in the middle of it. There are plenty of buildings to get into, plus other places to hide. This is the perfect map for whatever kind of weapon you like to play.

Creek – Another of the newer maps. This one takes place outdoors with a huge creek running between two high areas, plus a cave in between. I find it really hard to see other players on this map, which adds to the realism.

Crossfire – This is a pretty good map set in a desert town. It’s fairly small and lends to a lot of close-quarters combat.

District – This is a popular map because it’s so huge. It takes place in an urban setting and offers plenty of buildings to get into.

Downpour – This is a smaller map that you don’t see played online quite as much as the other ones, mainly because it is raining in the game.

Killhouse – This and Shipment are two of the smallest maps in the game. When you play with a bunch of people, it turns into a grenade tossing contest.

Overgrown – This is one of the more popular maps because it is large and offers plenty of places to hide. It is set in a little town with a ravine running between the two main sections.

Pipeline – This takes place at a train station and features two huge buildings next to each other, plus a long underground tunnel that goes through most of the map. This one is very popular online.

Shipment – This is the map for padding your stats. It’s the smallest one in the game and you’ll sometimes find servers with 40 people all playing on here. It’s a great way to build up kill points with different weapons.

Showdown – This is a fun little map with a building in the center that has an open courtyard. It has walkways on the first and second floor, and most people hide out on that second floor and cover the stairs.

Strike – This is a huge map set in a desert town. It’s very popular online for its immense size and good design.

Vacant – This is another smaller map that takes place mostly inside a small office building. You’ll find most of the fighting takes place in a few key places within the map.

Wet Work – This one takes place on the deck of a large cargo ship where opposing teams start at opposite ends. Although fun to play, most people end up just tossing grenades all over the place and the gameplay is chaotic.

Winter Crash – This is the same map as the Crash one, but it has a Christmas tree and lights, plus it is snowing.