Call of Duty 4 for the Nintendo Wii Walkthrough - The Final Act

Call of Duty 4 for the Nintendo Wii Walkthrough - The Final Act
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Call of Duty 4 Walkthrough - The Home Stretch

This guide covers Act 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex. You’ve gotten past the Prologue, Act 1, and Act 2, so now it’s time to take this sucker home. Don’t relax yet, though. You’ve still got a lot of fight ahead of you.

Call of Duty 4 Walkthrough - Ultimatum

Before you do anything in this mission, it’s important to know that your weapons will carry over into the next stage, so keep that in mind. You’ll want to stock up on RPGs.

Advance through the forest, taking out any opposition silently. If you’re very careful, you can avoid a full blown alert, but don’t feel bad if you get spotted. It’s hard to be stealthy in the wide open.

You find Griggs tied up in the second house, on the top floor. Free him and advance, listening for Price’s orders to stop and drop. Hit the ground as choppers fly overhead. Once it’s clear, rig the tower with C4. After you’ve put some distance between yourself and the tower, blow it and watch the fun. Go through the fence (an ally will cut a hole) and into the old base. This base may be decommisioned, but in this instance, it’s swarming with soldiers.

Watch the rooftops for RPG soldiers. They’ll also chuck grenades, making them even more annoying. There isn’t much room for strategy here, just kill everything you see - exlcluding your allies - and move to the objective marker to complete the level.

Call of Duty 4 Walkthrough - All In

In this next mission, you’ll be infiltrating a Russian missile silo. Yeah, real James Bond stuff. You’ll get smoke grenades with the idea that you should use them to sneak up on enemy BMPs and plant C4 on them. It’s much easier to simply take them out from a distance with RPG fire. Hopefully you grabbed some RPGs in the last mission.

If not, there are rockets scattered around the level. There are three BMPs that you need to take out. Make sure that when you fire, you’re in cover, as getting shot while firing will cause you to shoot way off target.

To get to the first BMP, go to the left of the base entrance and use C4 to blow a hole in the wall. You’ll find RPGs next to a truck if you don’t already have some. Your team won’t advance until you take out the enemy armor.

As you advance, watch for more RPG soldiers. Once you reach the silo gate, your team will breach it. While they’re doing this, look around for more RPGs.

After entering the silo, take out the remaining two BMPs. Now that the situation is a lot less threatening, your team decides to take action and secure the exit.

Your allies will enter the launch facility through the air vents. Rush to the rappel point before the enemy helicopters arrive and take out everything.

Call of Duty 4 Walkthrough - No Fighting in the War Room


You’ll begin the mission by dropping into the bathroom, just like the opening scene to Goldeneye. Didn’t I say this was like James Bond?

You only have 15 minutes to abort the missiles, so you need to move fast here. Fight your way through the hallways using that hurried caution that you should have perfected by now. Find the stairs and head down to find the launch control room and hordes of enemies standing your way.

Ammo isn’t that important at this point, so fire away, though you may want to hold onto your grenades and flashbangs.

You’ll want to get to the doors with roughly 10 minutes left, as the doors open slowly and you’ll need time to place and detonate a C4 charge. After the doors open, make short work of everyone in front of you and follow your allies to a small hallway. Place C4 on the wall and blow it, and your team will rush inside and blast everyone. Follow them in and enter the abort codes.

Once that’s all done, take the elevator out of there and head out to the motor pool. There are only a few more guys standing between you and the mission exit.

Call of Duty 4 Walkthrough - Game Over


This is it! The final mission of the game. Most of this mission takes place in the back of a speeding truck as you fight off oncoming enemies, so there isn’t a lot to walk you through here. You have no cover, so make good use of the fast-snap ability with your sights.

Once you get the RPG, ignore the helicopter and use it on the enemy trucks. You don’t get to keep it, so don’t worry about conserving ammo.

Once the chopper blows the bridge, follow your NPC buddies off the rubble and onto a more stable part. Duck behind some wreckage and take out what enemies you can. You’re waiting for a cutscene to trigger, and once it does, it will guide you through the rest of the game. Way to go!

Call of Duty 4 Walkthrough - Mile High Club


Or is this the last mission? Game Over wrapped up the campaign and this is more of a bonus mission you can access through mission select. It’s not that difficult, except for the timer. You only have three missions to get through the plane and reach the VIP.

You can make it through the mission with your silenced MP5, but you do come across a P90 that you can take if you’d like. The key is to be quick, so don’t hesitate to run up to someone and jam your knife in them.

Once you blast the enemy coming out of the bathroom, take the right path and shoot the enemies in the lounge. Flashbang the next room and run to the stairs. The cabin will depressurize and enemies will get sucked out, but not all of them. Watch for the ones coming down the stairs.

You’ll come to a third lounge that you also want to flashbang before you rush in. Do the same thing with the next lounge. You’re trying to be quick and flashbangs will help you do that. Enemies will respawn if you don’t keep moving, so there’s two reasons to be fast.

When you encounter the VIP, he has a gun to his head. You have five seconds to take the attacker out. The easiest way is to shoot him in the leg and then follow up with a headshot. Your team will grab the hostage and you only need to walk out the door to end the mission.

Call of Duty 4 Complete - Now What?

Now that you’ve beaten Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex, you have two options. Go online and take on the world or move onto another game. If you want to try out multiplayer, we have excellent guide to getting online with the Nintendo Wii. If you’d rather move onto a new game, check out our list of the top 5 best Nintendo Wii games for hardcore gamers.

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