Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough - The Bog

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough - The Bog
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Lightning Raid

Advance up with your squad to the large building and wait until you hit the ambush. Advance while firing toward the men in the building. They stay focused on the main squad, so you’re fairly safe. Move down the steps and into the blown out part of the building.

Switch on your nightvision and move through the ruins with your squad. Fire at the few guards near the back and work toward the hole that leads into the hallway. Turn the corner and move toward the stairs. Fire at the soldier that tries to grapple with the other and then get up to the second floor. Lean out and rake some gunfire over the men in the hallway. You should be able to clear them all out before they can turn to fight. Advance a bit to the end of the hallway, then turn to the left and fire at the last nest of soldiers. You should also be able to ambush them. When they’re dead, jump onto the machine gun and then use it to flank all of the soldiers right across from you. Just fire lay down a lot of gunfire on the walls and balcony.

A Crowded Street

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - The Bog - Taking Out the Tanks

Jump off and drop down back to the original hole. The marines should have breached one of the doors below. Go through and get into the next part of the fight. Use the window as a firing position until you can thin the first wave out a bit. Curve over to the left and get into that building. Gun down the few inside and then head up the steps. Kill the one soldier up here and move to the rooftop. You should be able to go down the steps and into the second half of the building. If you move quickly, you’ll be able to ambush the soldiers inside and take them out.

Take up a position and thin out the survivors. Hang on for another moment until the next group comes out to the overpass. The soldier with the Javelin will get killed, so we need to run back to the entrance area and grab it. On harder difficulties the men on the overpass will keep you pinned pretty well. Just leapfrog carefully from cover to cover and you should be fine. As soon as you grab the Javelin, run back into the side building and get by the roof. You should be able to just look out the door and get a lock on one of the tanks. You can then step out quickly and fire. Duck back inside and repeat. Once you nail a second tank, they should run away. Go ahead and nail a third or fourth if you want.

Saving War Pig’s Bacon

Drop down and move through the new hole in the fence. Just follow the squad over to the bog. When you come out, you’ll be put right into one huge fight. Blow up the blue car and take cover by the frame. The main enemy attack comes from the southwest side from the sheet metal wall. There are soldiers with explosives who will try to blow up the tank, but they shouldn’t usually be a problem if you just watch the wall. They shouldn’t even be a problem if you aren’t on veteran.

Call of Duty - The Bog - War Pig

The strategy for this is pretty simple. Just hold your ground and shoot at every man that jumps over that wall. I had pretty good luck crouching behind the middle of the car and shooting through the old window spaces. If they throw a grenade, then you’ll need to run back a little bit. The car doesn’t usually shield you from the blast. After about a minute or so, you should get a note about a large group massing to the west.

Move on out to the metal wall and flank the few stragglers. Then run down the length of the wall and get into the building on the left. There shouldn’t be anyone inside, but be careful. Once you hit the market area, a few more soldiers should spawn. Fire on the two RPG soldiers on the rooftop and then see if you can take out the few on the ground. Watch the right side for a few more and wait for the rest of your squad to gather. Push forward into the building. There are two guards by the anti-aircraft gun. Just gun them down and nail the gunner himself. Slap a pack of C4 on it and run back inside. Blow the charges to clear the way for the cobras. We still need to mark the lines though. You should be safe sprinting across the battlefield to the marked spot. Just throw down the beacon and enjoy the show. Regroup by the tank to end the mission.

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